Tuesday, November 30

Looking for a Christmas Tree

Cutest Santa ever

The First Thanksgiving

 Eating a WHOLE pear :)
 I decorated the Thanksgiving table at our friend Araceli's house
 We had such a good time
 My handsome boys on Thanksgiving night
 Christian looks like he's dressed in best business casual :)
In his Gulfstream shirt from Grandma

 Banging on the glass table. He was the only one that thought it was funny.
 Look mom, look what I'm doing!

 So sleepy after all that turkey

 I love thanksgiving!
We are so thankful for you Christian.  
Love you

9 Months

9 Months Old

 Christian loves hanging upside down, he was shrieking the whole time
 Hi everyone!
 Look how long my hair is!
 We couldn't get him to take this out of his mouth
 Looking at Chris dancing behind me
 At our last check up the doctor said Christian is the size of an average 21 month old
 Trying to walk

 Christian wants cords for Christmas
 Mouth full of tiny teeth
 He loves to clap now, it is so cute
 So proper with his hands clasped
 This is his reaction, I just told him, "NO NO do not hit the tv!" seriously, he just laughs
Christian pinching me and very happy about it

Our little crazy haired boy

 Mischief Maker- Christian trying to squeeze behind the entertainment center to get the cords. 
 Christians cabinet in the kitchen. 
 He has lids all over the house...
 Driving in the kitchen
 So funny- this is the funniest face
So much hair

Monday, November 8

One Day We'll Show His Wife

Seriously we did it just because we can.  Hahahaha (evil laugh). :) No but seriously, it was all in his face and I thought, hummm, ponytail? :) Chris calls him a little samurai.  We should have thought of this for Halloween.

 He loves to watch his Little Pim show that teaches Spanish.
 Look how much hair this kid has!
 We are going to let it grow until he refuses to sit and let me comb it.  
Then its scissors time!

Him and that finger in his mouth! Looks like he's posing.


 Christian is in to everything lately.  He dragged this flashlight around for twenty minutes.
 Look at the wheels Grandma Baksa bought Christian.
 He's such a good driver he even checks behind him when he's backing out.
 See how much he loves it? Thanks Grandma!
 This one is just too funny...
 Christian trying to get out of the house.  
He tries to escape all the time. 
 I told you he was in to everything..even the dog gets it.
 Angelo trying to put his head up where he can't reach. :)
 It actually got cold here finally!
 My 3 boys
Now that he's got the hang of it he loves walking with this toy.