Tuesday, March 30

New Pics

Here's the little guy on his way for a night out on the town :)

We've been experimenting with different ways to style his hair..here's our try at the fauxhawk. His hair is getting really long people. We are going to have to make some decisions soon. At least with the sides...they are out of control.

Are these train pants adorable or what?

See people I wasn't kidding...look at it! And this is my attempt at taming it :)

Here are the boys of the house hanging out.
More pictures to come, can you believe the little guy will be 2 months old tomorrow!?!
I cannot. How is that possible?
He has turned out lives upside down in the best possible way.
I can't imagine him not being here now.
He is so much fun.

Wednesday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day

Christian went to his first St. Patrick's Day Parade today. He stayed awake for about 12 minutes of it and slept the rest. It was all the fun he could handle. :) His Grandma Baksa bought him a fun bib and a onesie to wear for the big day. Thank you Grandma!We got him this little hat, which is pretty much hilarious, and mostly just for our entertainment since he didn't actually wear it to the parade.
We are getting a little better at packing the little guy for trips and managed to get everything we needed to the parade from our car in one trip. We still took more than we needed, but better safe than sorry right? He was a perfect little baby and had a great time with his Auntie Alicia.How cute are they?
And here's Dad hanging out with Timmy. Chris and I had a good time too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Hope yours was as great as ours!

The Baksas


Okay, I know that in the future I will most likely begin a post with, "Christian is just the best child ever born because" and you will roll your eyes because seriously everyone says that about their kid right? Their child is a prodigy. He can read at 2, he can play basketball like Michael Jordan, he's probably going to be president...but seriously people, let me just say,

I have the best child ever!

I put the little man to bed last night at 11pm. We usually try and get him in by 10 or so, but honestly we were watching Lost and time got away from us. I know Parents of the Year. So anyways, I get him all ready for bed, take him upstairs and put him in the bassinet. About an hour later Chris and I went to bed. We were planning on getting up at 6am or so to get ready to go down to the St. Patrick's Day parade. When Chris' alarm went off at 6am, I shot up. Was I dreaming? I didn't get up with the baby last night. Chris did you get up with the baby last night? What? No?! And he's still sleeping. And its 6:30am? Excuse me?!

That little man slept until 6:45am...that's 7 hours and 45minutes..IN A ROW. In a ROW people. Not broken up in 2 hour increments.

If he could talk, I'd give him whatever he asked for.

I feel like a new woman. One that slept. :)


Thursday, March 11

New Rule

The new rule is as follows.....

If you, the reader, calls me and yells, demands, or questions this blogs lack of updates or pictures, you the reader, must leave a comment, when I do in fact put the pictures you have requested up. :)

I get all this hounding and no comments! Its not okay :) haha. Sometimes I'm typing with one hand here people, while holding a baby and a bottle in the other. I need the comments. Consider it my compensation for all the cute baby pics. That and I'll be less freaked out when you mention something from the blog to me in person...if you left comments I'd know you are reading :)


Christians Prerogative

So this is really an open letter to the UPS man, the mail woman, the trash men and yes you, especially you, Angelo (our dog for now). Haha...only half kidding Angelo.

You will notice that not only does the dog have a bib on in this picture (hilarious!), there is a margarita, a cheese ball and a bottle on the table :) ahhh, my new life. Oh and you can see I'm making him sit for this picture...oh the torture. Its payback I tell ya.

Christian has set his standards for sleep. If its going to be loud when he sleeps, it needs to be really really loud. Like we are talking 40 people yelling at each other across a room loud. If it can maintain this level of ridiculous loudness, then he will sleep all day long. No stirring. Nothing. He's out.
Christian would be passed out at this club. :) Not that I would ever take my baby to club, but if I did, I'm telling you he'd never know because he would sleep right through it.

Now if its going to be quiet while he is sleeping, it needs to be just that. Quiet. Silent. There should be no doorbells, no knocks at the door, no dishwashers washing, no icemakers making ice, and most of all NO DOGS barking or running up and down the stairs like they are crazy. When he does sleep during the day, which we have seen none of these last 4 days, I am even afraid to type on the computer. Just last week I was typing an email and the clicking woke him up. Let me say that again, the CLICKING woke him. Its not like I have a typewriter people.

One thing I have no concern about...Christians hearing. He could literally hear this pin drop. In fact he's squirming right now because I got a little to0 vigorous with my typing. Seriously.

For some reason the few times he does agree to sleep during the day, this is exactly when the UPS man wants to ring the doorbell and run back to his truck. Why even ring the bell if your just going to leave it out there? Seriously?! Just leave the dang thing, we will in fact open the front door one day and find a package there. This of course makes Angelo hysterical and he persists to run to the front window, look at the truck, howl, then run upstairs and look out the upstairs window and do the same. He sounds like 7 cows thundering up the stairs when he runs. Its ridiculous. As though the front window was not good enough, he also needs an aerial view in order to make the determination of exactly how loud he should be barking. He knows he's not getting out there. He knows that has never happened...but just maybe this time. This scene usually leads to me hissing at him to shut up before you wake the baby! And is quickly followed by crying as the baby wakes up.

Now Christians sleep schedule is not all this extreme. For the lasts 4 nights he has gone to bed at 10 pm and slept until around 4:00am! 6 hours people. I love you baby. One day you can tell your little sister or brother that because of your sleeping 6 whole hours in a row at 5 weeks old, we decided to have him or her. They owe you.

Either way, tiptoeing around the house, or turning on all the tvs, the stereo and yelling loudly... I'm loving every minute of it. Even when we get a visit from the UPS man.


Tuesday, March 9

Little Baby

How cute are these overalls?
This is what he wore to meet the neighbors this weekend.
This is a picture of us trying to give Christian his "tummy time" to help strengthen his neck. He decided to take this as an opportunity to sleep.

Here he is making his duck lips for the camera. I love this outfit. We wanted him to wear it home from the hospital, but it was way too big. As you can see, that is no longer a problem.

I can't believe how big he is already.

1 Month Old

Here is Christian with his hair all wet. Looks like Chris' huh?
He's showing you how long his legs are, all stretched out.

Stats: 11 pounds 2 ounces, 23 inches long (up 3 inches in one month!)
95 percentile for height and 81 percentile for weight
We are going to have a big big boy one day.

Wednesday, March 3

I love these pictures

This ones for you Maureen. Here he is in his Auntie Mo Mo's outfit. Its been so cold here, he's being getting some serious wear out of it. :)
This is Christian and his Papa. This is right before my dad left to go home. Christian misses you so much! We all do. Can't wait to see you soon.
I love this one. This is Christian and his Mimi. Looks like he's crying but we just caught him in a yawn. He loved having his Mimi here.
Now this is my favorite. Christian with his beary. Oh so cute.

He looks so old here! Like he's really thinking of something.
Sidenote: we gotta do something about those sideburns...coming up, Christians first haircut :) haha...oh I don't know if I can do it...but you should see the back now, its SO long.


This is Christians first time at church. My mom took a family photo of us outside. Christian did really good, he didn't cry once.
This is me and my mom and Christian at Forsyth park. We took him down on Saturday and then we went to Tubbys for dinner. We had a lot of fun and Christian loved the bumping of the cobblestones...and again...slept the whole time :)

This is Christians first shopping trip to Target. He was 1 week old. Why we took this in front of the nightgowns...I don't know...oh Chris was taking the picture...(smile)

Christian Baksa: 0 Months old

How cute am I?