Friday, December 30

Gibson's Nursery

Here are the pictures of Gibson's room! I finally have everything done. The finishing touches were the sheets and changing pad cover from my mother in law. She did an amazing job on them and now everything matches! Yeah! My pregnancy OCD is satisfied. I love the way our Woodland Animal Nursery came out. Now we are just waiting on baby. 4 more days!

Love, Nicole

Thursday, December 29

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Sunday, December 18

We Really Love Our Daddy

How cute is this? Another long day of doing stuff but made some major progress today.

Big thank you to Chris for keeping me from going insane. This nesting thing is serious :)

Love, Nicole

Love, Nicole

Saturday, December 17

Bumper Done!

All finished attaching the emerald green ribbon to the baby bumper. I may get this room done bf Christmas. May.

Thursday, December 15

Just Window Shopping

I'm seriously not buying anything else (that I don't really need) for this baby boy can't hurt to look right?  How cute are the following items I totally do not need?

Oh I need to post the pictures of the ADORABLE outfits (and blankets and burp cloths!) my amazing Mother In Law sent for the baby this week.  Nordstrom has the the cutest outfits and these were seriously adorable! Thank you Myriam!

And now for the window shopping...

Tell me these are NOT the cutest things you've ever seen? From the Land of Nod they are actually called, "Kickin It Old School Tube Socks"  so in love.  But at $30 for 4 pair Chris may take my credit card back if I dare.

Bath spout cover by Skip Hop.  This is also from The Land of Nod (love that place) for $13 and it helps protect little people from banging their heads or hurting themselves on the bath spout in the tub.  Since we've had no problems so far I can't see buying this but is it not so cute? And its the perfect color for their bathroom.  Who knows maybe that tub will get crazy with two and I really need this? Ha ha

Oh my these are the cutest things ever.  Since baby boy is coming in winter (although it is a Savannah winter...but whatever) I have been drooling over these little baby booties.  Found them at Zappos for $50.  Oh what a deal...okay so not really.  I told you we are window shopping! You don't have to be sensible in window shopping.  I love these though.  Would keep little guys feet so warm.

This is a carseat cover to keep the little guy snug.  How cute is it? I actually got to touch it at Babies R Us and its so soft.  I was remembering how little Christian kicked off his blanket in the carseat oh all the time and how awesome this would be.

And last but not least....

This is the Nap Nanny.  I wanted one of these with Christian too. I didn't get one because they are around a $100 dollars but I hear they are awesome.  Its one of those things that you read about on Top 10 baby lists but don't know anyone who has one.  I like that they keep baby elevated and have a strap so I can make sure little guy doesn't go anywhere.  You can use them in your bed (no worries you'll roll over on them) or around the house.  Just love it.  Chris gave me that look like, um why are you even looking at that? Ugh boys....ha ha.

That's it folks! The end of my things I don't need need but really think I need in my mind :) Its the nesting I swear...

Love, Nicole

Gibson Baksa Countdown: 20 Days or Less

We can't believe in less than three weeks Christian will be a big brother and we will be the parents to two beautiful boys.  With Christmas so close we are trying to get all our preparations done so we can enjoy the holidays.  Here's how's its coming...still to do before December 25th....

The start of the chaise couch cover...
  • Shampoo carpets- no worries Chris is going to take care of this one! :) I'm going to distract Christian so he can work without stopping.  Wonder which one of us will be more tired? :)
  • Set up Pack-n-play/ Baby Swing- so crazy we are going to have these back out! Seems like forever ago Christian was in the baby swing
  • Clean out a few cabinets in the kitchen- this is where the crazy nesting everything must be organized and clean comes in :)
  • Get two rugs cleaned
  • Hem curtains in office- We have hung curtains in the office to make a little privacy for the guest room we have set up in there and they are crazy long, so I probably need to get on that before C rips them down.  
  • Finish a few projects in our bedroom- Again these are so not necessary for baby Gibson to enter the world but my pregnant brain will not let them go.  I keep telling myself when will I have time to do these things after I have two kids!? When they are 2 and 4? Yeah I'm thinking that staying on top of the normal things like laundry and cooking is going to be enough of a problem  in the beginning. 
  • Give the laundry room a good cleaning
  • Buy 3 more Christmas presents and mail boxes off- then I'm done!
  • Look at all the presents I've wrapped!
  • Buy a few more baby supplies- I know as crazy as I've been about getting everything I will still have to get a few things after the baby comes, but I'm determined to get that list down to a minimum so I can just hang out at home and enjoy my family.  I still need Mylcon (which apparently I can only get at CVS), a white pillow for the chaise, a blue rug for the babies room (think I found one online), and some nightgowns to wear in the hospital.  
  • Finish baby room projects- finish painting wall letters, paint art I drew, complete chaise cover, hang wall birds and birdcages, paint bulletin board, wash and organize the baby clothes, diapers and blankets
  • Pack hospital bag/Clean diaper bag(crossing fingers I get a new one for Christmas) 

Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag- Isn't it Ahhhmazing?

We can do it right?! 
Love, Nicole

Tuesday, December 13

Christian & Christopher

Waiting a drs office. Let you know if we find out anything exciting.

Monday, December 12

Up to my neck in laundry

I'd take a picture so you could really see the craziness but it's not okay even for the Internet. :)

I'm folding load #4, load #5 is in the wash, 6 is in the dryer and 7 and 8 are on deck.

Why do I let it get this crazy?! Oh yeah I hate laundry.


Monday, December 5

Cute Boy

I feel horrible today so I am trying to keep Christian entertained without moving around too much. So nauseous ! 35 weeks tomorrow. 4 to go. Can't wait to meet this little guy.


Saturday, November 26

Baby Room Decorations

I got some great black Friday deals for baby Baksa's room yesterday!

Monday, November 21

Just The Numbers

  • 33 Weeks.  Tomorrow I hit this new milestone.  I will try and take a picture.  
  • 3 Coordinated Outfits. Tomorrow we take our Christmas pictures! I'm doing a red and black mix of clothes so it works for Christmas but I can still display the pictures without it being too obvious.  It's suppose to be 81 degrees tomorrow ...oh Savannah.
  • 233 Projects to complete. I know this one is a slight exaggeration but seriously in my pregnant mind it feels that way.  The room is be painted today? The birds I'm making are about where they were last week.  One done, nine to go.  I've still got to cover the chaise and find a rug.  Not to mention the art that is not even a thought right now. It will come together.  I say this a lot in my head.  
  •  1 Crazy Haired 21 Month Old.  Christian definitely knows something is up. He finally said "Baby" last night. He pointed to his baby doll and said baby, then pointed to my stomach and repeated it again.  You could see the little light bulb go off in his head.  He was really excited and clapped for himself. 
  • 14 Pairs of Cuddly Newborn Pajamas. So sweet, little pajamas.  It was like going down memory lane last night as I showed Chris things Christian use to wear.  There were lots of, "No way he ever fit in that!" and lots of me digging up old photos to prove it.  Its amazing how big (& Potty Trained!) he is now.  I'm so excited we get to do it all over again.  
  • 1 Super Awesome Husband.  Christo has been so great helping me get everything done, keeping Christian entertained so that I can go pick up stuff for the baby and get our Christmas shopping done.  Taking over bath time, running Christian to the potty when I'm tired after doing it all day, and just being sweet even when I feel like I weigh a thousand pounds, I'm limping and may be grumpy...may.  Ha ha.

Saturday, November 19

Christians Christmas List Ideas: For Myriam

Hi Myriam!

Here is the list I sent you in your email.  Sorry the pictures didn't show up! 

Pick and choose whatever you like.  I know that #1 on the list is his favorite for sure :)

1. Plasyskool Explore 'N Grow Busy Ball Popper  $19.98 at Toys R Us (they also have this at Walmart)

Click to Buy Ball Popper 
Kylin has this and Christian plays with it every time we go visit.  He's pointing at the screen and yelling BALL right now.  :)

2. Animal Neck Pillow for car- $9.34 at Target
Click to Buy Neck Pillow
Christians neck is always falling over when he falls asleep in the car, thought this might work for him ;) Plus its a monkey and he'd love that.
 3.  Leapfrog My Own Leaptop- $19 at Amazon (also at Target)
Click to Buy Laptop
Since Christian loves all things electronic we thought he would love this and it can help teach him numbers and letters too.
4. Small CD Player- $20
Chris had the good idea to get Christian a CD player to play at bedtime/naptime to block out the crying baby (anything to keep him in bed :) Since he loves to dance so much I thought he'd also use it a lot during the week when he's playing in his room. 
Click to Buy CD Player

5. Cars.  Christian has recently discovered the movies Cars and now I have to avoid that entire aisle at Wal-Mart.  :)  He'd love anything Cars, especially one that moved.  Here are a few he'd love.
Click to Buy Shake and Go Car  $14.99  at Toys R Us.  You shake the car to get it to drive around the room. 
Fisher Price Mack Hauler And Mcqueen Cars- $34.99  Car races down back of hauler
Click to Buy Mack Hauler And Mcqueen Cars at Target
6.  Anything Thomas the Train.  All I hear around here is Choo-Choo.  He must officially be all-boy now because he is obsessed with all things cars and trains.  :)  Here are some Thomas ideas:

Fisher Price Take-n-Play Thomas & Friends: "Bust My Buffers" Thomas Engine- $14.99

Click to Buy Take-n-Play-Thomas at Target

Thomas Wooden Railway Carry Case & Playmat $17.59- this is a little case to take trains with him and has a flat mat inside it so he can drive his trains on it.  Target and Wal Mart have the little 4 packs of trains that he can drive on this mat. 

Click to Buy Carry case and mat at Target

7. FAO Schwarz Tin Cash Register- $24.99 at Toys R Us- I think C would get a kick out of this. 
Click to Buy Cash Register

8. Sidewalk Chalk- I got a six piece set of chalk for Christian for Easter and he has almost used them up.  $5.99
Click To Buy Sidewalk chalk

9. Bubble Gun- $7.99  This would be a great stocking stuffer for Christian.  He loves bubbles but hasn't figured out how to blow them yet, so I think he'd enjoy this gun.
Click To Buy Bubble Blaster

Sizes for Clothes: Currently (winter stuff)Shoes- 8 or 8.5 ToddlerShirts- 3TPants- 2TUnderwear- 2THat- Kids SmallPJ's- 3T
If warmer weather clothing 3T and 4T