Monday, April 30


Hello Friends and Family!

We have a crazy week ahead of us.  I leave for Texas Friday morning for a wedding I have been planning for the last year.  This is the first one that I designed completely (well except for my own).  I am so excited to take part in Araceli and Adolfos wedding!  And nervous (I want everything to be perfect), AND I have to leave my little Gibson for the first time.  No bueno.  Gibson will be four months old tomorrow (seriously?!?) and I know that Chris will do great with both boys, but I just do not want to leave Gibson.  I considered taking him, but I'm going to be working so much that I wouldn't really get to be with him anyway.  Plus, I'm running the events and decorating the reception, so I really need to concentrate on what I need to be doing.  When Gibson is near all I think about is his cute little chubby legs.  I can not promise there won't be any tears on the plane. 

Thankfully I am not going to have much time to think of it, because I have an insane amount of work to get done this week.  I've got to get everything ready for the boys...bottles, clothes, meals ect. ect., everything ready for the wedding & pack myself.  The boys and I are also involved in MOPS (mother's of pre-schoolers) and our last meeting is this week.  That and all my regular stay at home jobs and I'll be lucky to sleep this week. 

The only time I've spent three whole days away from Christian was when he was three months old and I had to rush to Colorado to be with Jason after his accident.  Speaking of, the anniversary of that horrible event is coming up next week, so keep me in your prayers (along with the whole Barnes family), that is always a rough week. 

The last few weeks have been great here at home.  As you will see in the wonderful pictures below.  We have gone to the beach, spent lots of time outside, taken up running, and even fully potty trained Christian.  He practically did it himself! Gotta love that kid.  Just. So. Easy.  Gibson please take note. :)

Once I get back from the wedding we have a down week, then I have jury duty (!) and then we pretty much leave for Colorado! I'll be sure to post pictures of all the fun along the way.

Love, Nicole

Gibson says hello! We had a rare cold(ish) day here in Georgia so he was wearing some comfy sweats.

Here's a sneak peek of my birdcage centerpieces for the wedding!

Christian giving Daddy hugs after he gets home from work.

Cowboy Christian got to take a trip to the barn and ride a pony. He talked about horses for the whole week after.

Christian riding Freddy. 

Christian was the youngest rider, with the largest head :) He got a  bigger helmet from Miss Leslie to accommodate his noggin :)

He took riding Freddy seriously, and even learned how to make him stop.

He just fed Glitter, but couldn't slow down long enough for me to get a good (focused) shot.

Gibson was not thrilled that C was trying to pick him up.

Much happier now.  How cute are these boys?

Christian is very in to taking pictures these days. He grabbed my phone and said, "Momma say cheese!"

Here are the boys "pretending" to sleep. Gibson was not playing along.  Notice Christian and his super hero cape :)

My three boys

We headed to the beach Saturday to see the sea turtles be released. We missed it, but still had a great time. 

Tybee Island, GA

Gibson slept the entire time.  We consider that a successful beach trip.

Look at Christians adorable wetsuit! Grandma Baksa sent one for both boys and they fit perfectly!Christian would not take his off. 

Really loved the water.

We are teething like crazy.  It is NOT FUN.

Trying to get some teething relief. 

Loved this outfit on Christian.  Just as cute on Gibson.

Thursday, April 26

Pony Rides

Oh I think we have a cowboy on our hands. Christian loves riding and pretty much hasn't stopped saying "more more horse" since we got home, yesterday. I'm seeing some cute cowboy boots from Oklahoma in his not so distant future :)

Oh and how can I forget...our little guy had his very own helmet to use on Wednesday because although he was one of the youngest riders, his head was the biggest! Ha ha. It's that big brain he inherited from his dad...

Love, Nicole

Sure to be the best of friends

Sunday, April 22

3 Months Old

Gibson is quickly becoming a family favorite. His gurgled laugh can be heard throughout the house along with his loud protests when I put him down. How. Dare. I.

He loves to cuddle his stuffed elephant Etta and enjoys the occasional nap in his swing. He's teething like a crazy man and currently chewing on his Sofie giraffe teether, which works even if it does look like a dog toy.

He's almost got the "holding his head up" thing down and still detests tummy time.

Oh and he's the cutest little guy. (see adorable pics)

Love N

Thursday, April 5

The Boys "Need" These

Oh I love these little backpacks! I want the monkey for Christian (I call him my little monkey...just like my mom called me when I was little :) And I think the penguin would be adorable for Gibson.

Now that I've (finally!) been able to take the boys to the gym I wanted to get them little gym bags.  Christian takes a snack and sippy cup in with him and this little backpack would be perfect.  Even the pocket in the front is insulated so it would keep things cool. Which is perfect for Gibson's bottle...

I'm going to have to get these because they are just too adorable :) Plus wouldn't they be perfect for when we travel?

 Love, Nicole

Sunday, April 1

3 Months Old

How To: Spring Wreath

I wanted to brighten up the front door a bit, and since I had so much fun making my St. Patrick's Day Wreath I thought I'd come up with something for spring/Easter.   It was a super quick project (once the babies were in bed that is..:) Without them it took maybe 30 minutes.  First you start with a straw wreath form.  Found mine at Micheal's for $8.  
I left it in the plastic and covered it with wide white satin ribbon.  I used white yarn for my last wreath but honestly that takes forever.  The yarn looks great too, but was really time consuming.  So I really suggest wide ribbon if you are short on time.  I hot glued the ribbon on, then got out the felt.  
 I also got the felt from Michael's,  and thought with this wreath I'd stick to pinks and greens.  (I have two boys, a husband and a boy dog...I've got to get my pink in where I can!)  The felt is around 40 cents a sheet.  Take your felt and cut a wavy pattern into a long strip. Like this:
  Then you roll it up into a little felt flower. 
Vary the "waves" you cut in the felt to make your flowers a little different.  Use hot glue to close them and then glue them to your wreath.  Add a few little pom poms and cut out a few leaves and you get this:
To finish up just tie a bow and hang it from some ribbon and your done!
Quick & cute!
Happy Easter!
love, Nicole