Tuesday, June 28

12 Weeks Today

Oh Baby has now turned into Oh Babies.

Well-- it will sometime on or around January 3, 2012.  Today I am twelve weeks and hopefully all this morning all day sickness will end soon.  As in today :)  Christian and I are in Oklahoma right now visiting Mimi & Papa.  We are having a good time just hanging out and relaxing.  My parents are flying back with us this Saturday, and all of us can't wait to see Chris.  We miss him so much.

We are looking forward to July for many reasons.  We hope to celebrate the 4th with our family and friends, the 10th is my mom's birthday, and the 12th is our third wedding anniversary!  It's hard to believe that three years have gone by so quickly, and we are about to be a family of four.  Crazy?!

I should be updated here more often now that the "baby" is out of the bag.  I seriously couldn't think of anything to write except "I AM SO SICK." And really who wants to hear that? ;)

love, Nicole

Sunday, June 12


My first zucchini!
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From my garden! Cherry tomatoes.
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Wednesday, June 8


Christian & Kylin, partners in crime.
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