Thursday, May 26


From my garden!
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In a Mood

I asked Christian, "could you please get down from there?" His very loud reply..."NOPE!" Well at least he didn't ignore me.
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Monday, May 23


Best of friends. Christian and Kylin watching a little Mickey Mouse Club over lunch.
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Saturday, May 21


When we got our new grass put in a few weeks ago, we decided it would be a good time to start a garden.  I have wanted to do this for a while, but figured the chances of not killing everything were slim.  My dad has an awesome garden in Oklahoma so I thought maybe I got some of Farmer Gibsons green thumb...just maybe.

So far its gone pretty good!  I think it may have to do with me not doing too much to it :)

Here are some pictures a few weeks after I planted my garden:
We have, squash, zucchini, jalapenos, sweet banana peppers, and cherry tomatoes.




Cherry Tomatoes!

And here is the garden now, about a month later!
They are turning red!

Christian thought he could grab them and eat them now that they are red.

A Jalapeno!

2 Jalapenos!


The tomato plant is getting so tall

I can't wait to feed Christian tomatoes from my garden!  Hopefully he will let them finish growing before he yanks them off.


Wednesday, May 11

Mothers Day

Somehow we only got one shot of Christian and I on Mother's Day.  Here it is:

Notice everything I could get my hands on is on the table to distract him.  Worked for a little while.  Thankfully he has an awesome Daddy who walked around with him outside so that I could enjoy my brunch at SoHo.  We started the morning with brunch and it was so yummy.  Then we walked around downtown for a while and showed the squares to our friend Jessica who came to visit.  (more on that later, we had a great time!)  After that Chris and Christian headed back home, and Jess and I went shopping at the outlets.  We had such a good time and got a bunch of fun dresses.  That night Chris grilled burgers and we all hung out.  
It was a great Mothers Day.  
I love being Christians mom.  Best job ever. 

Grandpa Baksas Visit

Did I forget to put these up? I think I did.

This is when Grandpa Mike came to visit, we had such a good time.  First we celebrated St. Pat's Day downtown.  Mike's hair was a big hit.  We sprayed Chris' too but it didn't show up as bright as Mikes ;) We had a really good time.  We met up with our friends Timmy & Alicia who always do a big gathering with lots of food.  It was nice to have Mike with us this year. 

3 Generations of Baksa men

Our little family

Had to put this one on so you could get a good look at that hair!

Christian had a great time walking around with Grandpa

Alicia and I

Watching the parade with Grandpa

C had so much fun

Then he was out.  Everyone kept walking by saying how they wished they could sleep like that.

We took this photo 20 times, and this the only one where you can see them!

Off to the beach

He had such a good time
Yumm drinks at lunch

Kisses for Grandpa.  So sweet.

As you can see Christian really liked have his Grandpa around.  A lot. 


Big Boy

Just sitting on the couch eating an Apple watching Curious George.
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