Saturday, February 26

Summer Hair

So this post is going to be out of order since I STILL haven't posted Christmas and 1st Birthday photos ( I know, I know) but we have been going back and forth on what to do with Christians hair and we finally decided that little dude needed a haircut.  It was laying on his collar and in his eyes.  He already falls into everything...who knows maybe its because he can see!  :) 

I got some tips from Emily(our hair guru) and decided that maybe I could do it myself without tramatizing him.  He did pretty good.  I was nervous the whole time.  We took breaks, dad fed him candy throughout, and he jammed to Bob Marley.  Which meant he was bobbing his head the whole time...which was SCARY...but it was better than him trying to climb off the counter.  

Here he was right before:  (just washed, no product...isn't that ridiculous that I can actually say my one year old wears "product" in his hair?! haha)


And AFTER!!!

How'd I do??