Monday, January 23

Gibson Michael Baksa- 1/2/12

So the cutest baby ever (and I can say that because he looks exactly like my other cutest baby ever) was born 1/2/12 and we are so happy to have him home!  He is just great.  I'm telling you if I keep having these super sweet great sleeping babies I may not stop at four.  :)  Wait you say they all become little crazy toddlers?!  Okay maybe 3.  Ha ha.

Sorry these pictures are so late, it has been quite an adjustment as you can imagine.  In fact I'm writing this now (around one in the afternoon) with the full realization that it may not get posted until tonight, or tomorrow. Or next week.

Everything is going great with Gibson.  He is just the cutest thing and we are all so happy to hug and kiss on him all day.  Christian loves to hold him and every morning he is on the look out for the, "BeBe" as he calls him.  BeBe Gee Gee actually.  That's how we are pronouncing Gibson.  Even though I have heard him say Gibson quite clearly, he prefers Gee Gee, and so that he shall be called. 

The C section went well and even though it was not my doctor since the little guy decided to come a day early (wow, contractions are no joke! I'm not too disapointed I missed out on those the first time) I seem to be healing up just fine and should get the clear to start doing something about this fun weight still left behind soon.  Yeah! Can not wait to add working out to my list of things I don't have time to do.  :)

Speaking of to do lists I am serioulsy wondering how people with two kids get anything done.  I know it will get easier (as people keep reminding me) but I'm starting to wonder if they mean after one of them goes to college.  Being outnumbered for most of the day I've realized that its really a question of necessity.  What really really has to be done.  Bathroom? Necessary.  Shower? Nope. Eating? Necessary.  Cooking? Nope.  Snuggling up with both boys. Necessary.  Changing them out of their pajamas before noon? Nope and nope.

We may be a sight (call before coming over, you've been warned! :) but we are oh so happy.

love, n

Waiting...but waiting with an epidural so I'm all smiles!

Proud Dad

Just so happy

My nurse was the best and took so many pictures

Already handsome and just hours old

All worth it for this moment

Mimi and Gibson

Grandma and Gibson

Grandpa and Gibson

Papa and Gibson

Daddy and Gibson

All our crazy friends at the hospital.  Love this picture.

Christian and Gibson meet. Sweetest thing.

Gibson in his awesome take home outfit. 


Me and the boys

I will find a picture of Christian in these same pjs, so alike those boys

Hello! I'm Brand New!

Love this one

My good looking guys

Can you believe Christian will be 2 in a few days!?!?!