Saturday, October 27

Our Life Lately, According to My iPhone Pictures

Our little Theo finally arrived! Got to go see him and proud parents Luke & Diana!
Gibson is eating like a crazy man! Meat too! I can't chop fast enough when its lunch time so I have to get these made up for him. 
Getting the letters together for my office redo. New pics coming soon!
My halloween mask! Chris picked it out.  Fun huh? We are masquerade people...or whatever you call it :)
Christian and his best friend Kylin on the seesaw.  They had so much fun at this birthday party.
The boys at Target.  G would NOT sit down.  Our little daredevil.  Christian told him repeatedly that standing was, Not Ok!
Our Parrot and Pirate.  I love these boys!
Taking a swimming break to swing with Kylin.
On the way to a Fall Festival and riding in his new big boy seat. 
I actually got to get ready this day- needed to be documented! :) hahaha! On the way to plan a baby shower. 
Amazing I cut this hair like 3 weeks ago.  Bath time fun with the fish Grandma sent him!
Our new favorite hobby is feeding the ducks.  Christian thinks its our responsibility now.  Every time we go to the grocery store he insists we get a bag of bread for the ducks because they are hungry.
Lunch date with Eva.
Eva at the park. We found out slides make great changing tables in a pinch. 
My shopping buddies.
Early Christmas present from my amazing parents!! BOB jogging stroller!
Our friend Travis with Gibson and a butterfly princess at the festival.
Christian before I got his new pants. :) These are 3T and WAY short.  He has grown 3 inches in the last 4 months.
Kids for Sale! Make an offer!
Chrissy and Liam the Cookie Monster at the Fall Festival
Pumpkin Patch fun
Our Adorable Boy
Tell me this is not hilarious! This is the new bottle we got Gibson to "try" and convince him that he should drink from a bottle.  Yeah...that's not going so well :)
Trying on helmets.  He says Santa is bringing him a bike for Christmas so I guess he's preparing. 
In his new carseat.  He was being silly and refusing to open his eyes. 
Eating a little lunch.
Relaxing in the super comfortable BOB!
Parrot and Daddy.  Love those two little teeth.  He has another coming in on top. 
My favorite people.


We finally feel better! Thought we'd document this momentous occasion by getting out of our pjs and actually getting matching outfits no less. :) I figure I better do this as much as I want now, they are getting big so fast they will probably protest soon.


Six days away from being 10 Months old, Gibson took his first steps today!!

Thursday, October 4

Rainy days

Taking it easy today after a crazy Wednesday. Following this little guy wherever he wants to go.