Monday, August 30

How many monkeys were laying in the bed?

3 Little Monkeys were pretending to be asleep.... of the monkeys couldn't stop smiling...
So he decided he might as well sit up...
And thought he'd show you his new (slightly odd) smile
Because he loves you so much!

Thursday, August 26

6 Months Old

Well we are almost 7 months, but as long as I get these posted sometime in the right month, that's okay right?
Christian wanted to use a few props for these pictures...his Buff hat and his new Crocs.  How cute are these shoes.  They are perfect for him right now.  I can hose them off, they are rubbery and not heavy on his little feet, and he can chew on them all he wants.  He spent most of this photo shoot trying to get them into his mouth. 

Here's our little guy, can you believe he's 6 months old?

Christian is finally smiling when I take pictures now! He thinks that flash is funny.
How cute are these baby crocs?
What was it that song said about the baby with the curl in the middle of his forehead? When he was good he was really really good but when he was bad he was horrid? hahaha!
Look how tan his legs and arms are? I think they must be sticking out of the stroller on our walks.
"Bring that camera a little bit closer"
I love his dark eyes
Cute goofy boy
Look what I can do! We aren't crawling yet, but we do a lot of this standing up on our toes and rocking back and forth.
Is it just me, or is he seriously adorable?
Working hard on crawling
Demonstrating his skills at getting toys out of the bookcase
I told Chris he's going to be a musician, not a basketball player!
all our love, nicole

Tuesday, August 24

Thank You Mimi & Papa

Thank you Mimi and Papa Gibson for my new carseat!
It is sooo comfortable and Mommy and Daddy's ears thank you too,
because I was really starting to hate my old one
(and let them know about it, loudly!)

love, Christian O.

Saturday, August 21

Why we won't be taking baths in the sink anymore...and other fun pictures

Reason #1 for not taking a bath in the sink, ever again:
 Do you see all that water?! It was on the floor, the walls, and me (see below for reason #2)

 Guess he thought I needed a bath too...

And another big reason we can't have water everywhere...     

See that bowl? I use this to rinse his hair. Christian uses it to dump large amounts of water on the floor...apparently the constant splashing just wasn't doing the trick.                
Christian insists he had nothing to do with any of the above.  

And on to the fun pictures,

Friday, August 20

Playtime Every Day-Time

Now that Christian is a big 6 months old he is really getting some use out of his toys.  Last week I was at Wal-Mart and I saw those balls that are in ball pits at like Chucky Cheese, and got an idea.  We could make our own ball pit with the pack in play...Christian looks pleased with the results wouldn't you say?

We've been doing lots of bouncing too.  Now that Christian has gotten the hang of it he is bouncing all over the place.  When he gets mad because he can't crawl (which happens maybe six to oh twenty times a day) I put him in the bouncer and all is well. 

Christian really gets around these days.  He scared me to death yesterday.  I put him on his blanket on the floor to play and went to the kitchen to warm a bottle.  When I peeked around the corner to make sure he were still doing okay you were not on the blanket.  I came in the living room and looked around and you were no where to be found! After my heart skipped what seemed like a few thousand beats, there he was..under the coffee table! It took him like ten seconds to get under there.  Which is pretty amazing considering you can only move backwards...

Your other favorite thing to do now is hold on to any edge and stand up.  You can't do this without help, but you LOVE to stand up.  You do really good, but you forget your standing some of the time and that's it your down!

 How cute is this? Christian is so skinny.
 Oh so fun holding on.

Oh there he goes...he noticed the dog (who he just realized was alive the other day) a few seconds he'll be down for the count. 

Thursday, August 19

Christian & Daddy

Christian loves his Daddy.  Loves, loves him.  Everyone use to say that Christian looked just like his Mommy, but I think the older he gets the more he looks like his Dad.  What do you think?

 Christian is all shocked...what are you doing taking a picture of me?? Angelo is just happy to be on the couch.

When Chris gets home Christian just lights up.  He usually has a meltdown from 5 to 6pm, and Chris gets home right when its over and the sun comes back out (lucky).  Then its all smiles and laughing when he sees his dad.  Chris is really great with him, throws him around and makes crazy faces at him. He lets Christian grab his nose (which he does All. The. Time) even though it hurts, he walks him around until he falls asleep when his teeth are hurting him, and he gets up at night and puts his paci back in when he cries. 
Christian says he pretty much rocks :)
I agree.

 Now he's wondering if it was Dad's idea to take these pictures :)

 How cute are they?
 Best place to sleep in the house :)
So sweet. I think he looks a lot like Chris in this one.  My nose, but the rest, Chris.

Oh and the best thing about dad? I'd vote for his stellar diaper changing abilities...
Although I'm pretty sure he forgot something...

Wednesday, August 18

We've been busy

Hello all!

Christian has been up to lots the last few weeks.  And that's where we've been.  We have been trying new foods...blackberry apples, mangos, YUM, and working really hard on crawling. 

I'm going to try and put new pictures of Christian up all week (I promise!) so check back daily.  I need to get my act together on here.  The little guy is growing up so fast and I snap shots of him everyday, but then I forget to share them with I'm trying to remedy that.  7 days of pictures! Promise.

Here's some to start it off:

 I told you all the hair was back!!

This is the cute little guy playing in his "pool" in the kitchen.  This is right before I had to put the camera down because someone decided to take that bowl full of water and start dumping it on the floor.....
good times :)