Saturday, February 27


Hey there friends and family. We've been without the Internet for some time now...and barely noticed! Must be the tiny 9 pound person ruling our lives. :) Shhhh...don't laugh to loud...he's sleeping right now and if he hears me updating the blog he's going to wake up and demand something :) Which brings me to the point of how smart are babies? I mean Christian will sleep soundly when its blaring loud at a party of 40 people, but if we are home and its quiet you better not click that computer too loud, or he's UP, looking around, what you guys doing?! Ha ha.

Monday Christian turns ONE MONTH old. I just had to breathe into a bag.

1 MONTH. Where did one month go? How is that possible? honor of his day I am going to post some much delayed pictures here, check back Monday night or Tuesday. I am also going to get the pictures of him in his onesie that has the 0 for (0 months old) and the new one we'll take with the 1 month old onesie. Can't wait to see how much he changes.

But we are off to celebrate Luke's birthday! Christian's first experience with sushi. I hope he sleeps through it :) Next time we'll let him order a roll.

All our love,
the Baksas

Thursday, February 11


Its coming up on Valentine's day and to get ready me and Mr. Christian are watching lovely movies at home under the covers. Its our first day home alone and the little guy requested chick flicks and brownies...who was I to refuse?

We have watched Sense and Sensibility. So his first introduction to Jane Austen has been established. Check.

You can't have Valentine's Day without a good bit of Hugh Grant. You know, the hair and all. So we watched Notting Hill. You know we have to get our Hugh Grant flicks in while Chris is at work...he has issues with him. You know, the hair and all. :)
And for the classic spin, we rented An Affair to Remember, with Cary Grant. The little guy really liked this one.So all in all I'd call our first day alone pretty successful. We managed to clean up the bedroom as well, so that's something :)

As Christian is 11 days old today, I will tell you 11 things I've learned about him so far...
  1. He likes to sit. Its really the funniest thing. He wants you to put him in sitting position all the time. And its not like he has the neck strength to actually do this very well, but he's not letting that hold him back.
  2. His eyes are brown mostly but there is this twinge of blue or something around the edges, that we just can't put our finger on quite yet.
  3. He seriously has the best hair ever. He is in need of his first haircut like 20 days ago, so he kindly requests that his personal hairstylist Emily Myers, come back to Savannah and give him a cut soon. (I too wish she'd come back asap)
  4. He has my nose
  5. He has Chris' chin
  6. His lips are a mystery
  7. His little lip quivers when he gets upset (cutest thing ever)
  8. He has the longest legs. Super skinny (like dads) and the just go on forever.
  9. He likes to look at people out of the corner of his eyes. Its really hilarious. If he hears someone talking on one side of him he doesn't turn to look (you know that whole neck control thing we talked about) he just darts his eyes and gives them this look. So funny.
  10. Hands down cutest baby I've ever seen.
  11. We can't imagine life before him...seriously its just insane how wonderful he is.
Oh he's waking up so I'll see ya soon. More pictures tomorrow, check back.

All our love,
coley and christian

Monday, February 8

You asked for them....

Here are some pictures of the baby! I know you've been asking for them and you know its not like we are doing anything around really all is well, we are getting lots of help from the parents and taking care of the little guy.
We are absolutely in love.

How cute is this face he's making? This is his favorite position to sit.

Have you seen a cuter face?

He loves his daddy.

We had to pose him a little :)

It's going to be a little while before he uses the tray on his swing huh? :)

Christian on the way home from the hospital.

Christian in his coming home outfit.

Hanging out at the hospital with his mama.

Goodnight everyone!

Friday, February 5


The parents meet Mr. Christian.
Linz and Emma with the little guy.
Jett and Christian hang out in their moose pajamas.
Angelo approves of his little brother.
The lunch bunch (Michelle, Denise and Laura) come and see Christian!

More pictures to come!
Love, coley

39 Weeks

Here's the stomach picture I owed you. The last one...39 weeks! This is me about 20 minutes before going to the hospital to meet Christian.

Wednesday, February 3

Baby Baksa Is Here!!!!

Hey everybody. As I am sure many of you have heard, our little bundle of joy has arrived. Christian Orion Baksa was born February 1st at 7:37am. 9 lbs, 20 inches, and absolutely perfect. Check out our cute (and slightly hairy) little boy below. We love him.