Friday, October 30

Furniture is Here!

It is finally here! Well I say that and actually its early. We were expecting it sometime around Thanksgiving but it must have just wanted to come now :) Which I am totally good with.

Tuesday, October 20


  • Furniture is here! Almost a month before we thought it would be! Since we are going out of town this weekend, we are going to go pick it up next Friday. Cannot wait to see it in the room.
  • I found my diaper bag. Its amazing. Pictures to come. (Thanks Laura for picking it up in Atlanta!)
  • Carpal Tunnel. I've got it. Apparently its very easy to get carpal tunnel when you are pregnant. Joy. We had a doctors appointment yesterday so the doctor told me all I need to do is wear a brace at night (to stop me from curling up my fingers and sleeping on my hand) and try to take it easy on it this week. Boy does it hurt.
  • We leave for Colorado tomorrow!

Can't wait to post all the pictures of our trip and our new baby stuff. Its really going to feel like we are really really having a baby with a crib in the house. Oh I can't wait.

Love, Coley

Thursday, October 15

Colorado Bound!

  • In 6 days we will be in wonderful Colorado to see our family & friends. We have lots of fun lined up, including a baby shower (Thanks Myriam,Darcie and Maya!!), a few shopping trips, checking out Jason's new house, post birthday celebrations with Maya and Maureen, a pre birthday celebration with Mike, did I mention shopping?!, and laying on the couch.
  • Its going to be wonderful.
  • Since we are leaving straight from work next week I need to start packing us on Saturday. That's the goal. Everyone says that you have to plan so much more when you have a baby, I think that goes for being pregnant too. I have to give myself enough time in case I get super tired or start feeling gross and just don't want to do anything. Practice for the real thing I guess :)
  • This will be my first flight since I'm actually "showing" pregnant and I'm very excited with a little nervousness thrown in. I'm sure all will be okay since this has been the most amazing pregnancy thus far, I just hope I can get comfortable on the plane since that seems to be my major issue these days.
  • I took a picture on Sunday for 23 weeks and I will try and post it tonight before the 24 weeks goes up :) 6 months on Sunday 18th! I canNOT believe it. So exciting.

  • We've gotten so much done, but lots to finish. Painting is done, we are weighing our options on whether we should start moving stuff in there yet, as the carpet needs a good cleaning. We don't have much to move in though, so may not matter. I still need to order the mobile, wall stickies, rug, fabric and a few other items online.
  • In other family news, Angelo Baksa has grown up. He's a big puppy now. This whole week Angelo has been staying at home, with free reign of the house, all by himself. We put the trash can in the pantry and shut that door (that dog doesn't need any temptations) but other than that, he's just hanging out being a big boy, err dog. I cannot fully wrap my mind around it. I never thought we'd see the day. We video taped him the first two half days (we are those parents) and watched what he did. After the first hour of running to the window, running up the stairs to that window and back, we figured we didn't need to see anymore.
  • Yeah Angelo! Freedom from the crate at last.

Friday, October 9

The Room! Painted!

Angelo sleeps, err helps Chris paint.

Look at the fabulous job my amazing husband is doing!

Here's Chris painting away.

And look at the amazing job he did!

Doesn't it look great!

Chris did this all in one day! I am so happy with it.
The colors came out great and I think everything is going to match perfectly.

Thanks honey!

Prime, Paint, Repeat

Chris is at home today painting the babies room. I am SO excited. I'm even going home at lunch to see how far he's come and so we can decide how high to put the orange line of paint.

I am going to try and snap a few pictures tonight when he gets more done so you can see. I cannot wait for the paint to go up on the walls. When he is done with the painting we are going to start moving in the chair and hanging things up on the walls. Then all we'll have to wait for is the furniture to show up, and the fabrics....

I am having some serious trouble finding fabric. All the fabric I've found that is fun, and not too babyish (I'm sorry but I am not making these curtains for fun :) they gotta last for a little while) is Blue and Green. Green? I don't need green...I need blue and orange. Its like every cool print is with green. I'm not getting it. See?

How cute is this? Adorable. But Green. The blue isn't perfect but I could work with it, but the lack of orange is just not going to work.
Let me know if you spot anything. I'll post a few in the style I'm looking for...

love, Nicole

Thursday, October 8

A Few of My (*new*) Favorite Things

*Chocolate glider we are sure to spend many nights in*
(waiting in the office for the baby room to be painted)

*Our new lamp, side table and our sons first framed picture*

*3 silver frames*

*Our Color Scheme*
We are going to use this little basket to hold diapers ect on top the changing table
We also bought a hamper in the same color,
The little Nike socks, are the perfect color orange,
and the blue frame I couldn't pass up, as it matched perfectly

We are going to paint a thick orange line about the height of the crib,
everything under will be blue and everything above white.

Our Valspar paint:
La Fonda Fiesta Blue
Autumn Gala Orange
Satin Snow White

Along with our color scheme, we will have animal silhouettes around the room.
We plan to have these little guys walking on our orange line:
I think I'm going to get them in dark brown and maybe space them out a little more

Oh and I can't forget this guy:
I think the dark brown will look good with the chair and dark furniture

Speaking is our furniture, we hope to have it sometime in mid November.
*the crib*

*the changing table*

* the dresser*

*the mobile*
We are going to print pictures of our favorite people and places
and affix them to orange and blue paper,
and laminate them.
This way our little guy can see everyone and every place we love.

the end.

I am still on the hunt for:
*An Orange rug*
*An Orange pillow for the chair*
*Fabric for curtains and bedding*
*Lots of stuffed safari animals*
*A few additional frames*

Monday, October 5

Rain Days

Its raining today. If you've never caught a rain storm in Savannah then let me be specific, when it rains in Savannah, it RAINS and RAINS and POURS and goes on forever, and makes giant puddles you can't avoid in the parking lot, and soaks your clothes and shoes, and when its finally done its still black outside because even the sky sulks about the rain here. Its rather traumatizing for all.

I woke up to such a day this morning. After hitting the snooze numerous times, I pulled myself from bed and to the shower. When I got out I looked to see if Angelo was waiting for me like he usually does, but he was still covered up in bed. He's not a big fan of the rain either.

As I slowly got dressed I started thinking, when I lived in Colorado (oh I miss you Colorado) we would have snow days. You'd wake up, glance outside, see a TON of snow, think to yourself...I do not want to go out there, turn the news on, and low and behold...SNOW day. Its like a few extra Christmases thrown in sometime between October and March. Its lovely.

Thing is, in Savannah, they don't do that. I mean you glance outside, see a TON of rain, and you think all the same things, but when you turn on the news, all you are greeted with is this:

No cancellations, just more rain. And after that? Well a little more rain...thanks for asking :)

In fact the only time you do get out of work and school for rain is when a hurricane is coming. And lets be clear, that is not a day where you get to stay home, watch fun movies, maybe go sledding for a while and drink hot chocolate. That is a day where you get to dig through your house for your most prized possessions, grab all the bottled water you can find, possibly brave Wal-Mart for their last can of tuna, pack it all up in your car and then go sit on the highway waiting to get out of town. I hear its not as fun as it sounds.

Wow this rain is making me grumpy...haha. Well back to work, hope you woke up to something far less gloomy.