Tuesday, June 30


*Because you should give flowers when you say sorry*

Okay guys, let me apologize for the hiatus. I've been sleeping. Like a lot. But here I am. Let me update you on what has been going on as I snoozed after work.

  • We got a little ahead of ourselves. Chris and I thought we were at 9 weeks this week, but apparently we are only 8 weeks...I don't really get this counting thing. Its like your not 9 weeks until the day. Anyways, our due date is February 7th, so if you figure out exactly how far along we are, let me know.
  • We bought a cute little outfit! Its for the baby to go to the beach in. Pictures? Yes I thought so:

  • In order to NOT feel like I'm going to get sick we have figured out I need to eat every couple hours. Like a baby. ? Maybe its getting me use to it. Its really annoying. I forget a lot, feel horrible and do it all over again two hours later.
  • This week we think the baby is a boy.
  • Our baby has a built in playgroup. He/she of course is going to be great friends with cousin Jett and cousin Kylin, but there are also 4 girls pregnant in my church small group. 5 babies, 4 pregnant girls. :) We will have 3 boys, 1 girl, and one yet to be determined kiddo right up the street from us. Baby watch is as follows: 2 twin boys due sometime in August, 1 little boy due end of August, little girl due end of September, one little baby due in December, and then us in February. Disclaimer: We recommend you NOT drink the water at Mindy's house if you don't want to end up pregnant. :)
  • We love you all! Chris has promised to update next time....I know you'll hold him to it.

Monday, June 15

The Littlest Baksa

Today we went to the doctor's office to see our little piece of rice.
That's how big it is, the length of a half a piece of rice.
Tip for viewing little piece of rice: Click on the picture above to see it BIG SIZE.

We got to the doctor's office around nine am this morning, and got in to see the baby around ten.
Chris saw the baby right away, I didn't, and proceeded to worry for the both of us, "good mom training" as my friend later put it.

The doctor said that the little flicker on the screen was the babies heartbeat.
It was an amazing thing to see.
Our baby has a heartbeat.

Our baby.

It still does not sound real.

If you need help "reading" the picture above, the black oval is the sac the baby is in.
The white oval in the black oval, is the baby.
Cute huh?

This week our baby book says that the baby will double in size.
By Sunday it will be a 1/2 inch long.
The heart valves are developing, the brain is growing and the eyes are taking form.
Its a big week for baby.

Don't worry, Chris will make sure I get my vitamins.

Love, Nicole

Monday, June 8

Week 6: Symptons and the Stories that go with them

(This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, other than it is a picture of me, in an apron,and you wear aprons when you prepare food, and food is at the forefront of everything that has affected me thus far, so its a reach, but enjoy)

I have not experienced too many symptoms of pregnancy yet, but there are a few oddities I'll share here with you. I'm not sharing all of them, but I'll be sure to sacrifice my pride if its really funny. Just don't, you know, tell everyone.

  • I was sitting at my desk last week, when I smelled something bad. Really really bad. Like it smelled like dog food. That nasty canned dog food that reeks. I went searching for this foul odor, because that's what you do when something smells really bad. You go find it. I don't know why, its just what you do. So I'm searching for the dog food, up one aisle, down another, and finally I find it. 15 cubicles away. I couldn't tell what it was, but man it smelled bad. I was on my way back to my desk to tell my cube-mates, when I realized that was really far away to be smelling food...and at this point they didn't know I was pregnant, so I just sat down and sprayed TONS of body spray all over myself. Gag.
  • Chris brought me a quesedilla with salsa and sour cream on it today. I gagged at the sour cream. Actually gagged. If you know me well, you know I consider sour cream a food group. Chris just stared at me in disbelief. Even just thinking about it now....ewww, it looked so gross.
  • I am loving sandwiches. Sandwiches everyday. Subway is my new favorite place. Now if I start eating spaghetti like crazy, Chris is going to be so excited.
  • Crab was not good when I ate it. Crab people! Dipped in butter! I'm going to have to stop, I'm tearing up. It was ridiculous.
  • FATIGUE! I am sleepy for about 20 hours a day. Early morning I'm wide awake (which is so weird for me) and by noon I'm drowsy again. For. The. Rest. Of. The. Day.
  • Heart burn started today. Boo.
Well its off to bed for me, 9:30pm is about all this former night owl can take.

Love, Nicole

What am I suppose to eat?

(yes- this is our real fridge...we are not on Cribs, so no, its not all organized, but check the smart water and the Dole juice...I'm getting my fluids- now we just need some food...)

What am I suppose to eat? I'm sitting here trying to make my grocery list, and I realize I have no clue what I am suppose to eat, as a pregnant woman. In fact, I mostly only know what I am NOT suppose to eat.
  • Deli Meats that aren't "steaming" hot
  • Brie
  • Wine (oh so sad)
  • Other soft cheeses
  • Swordfish, Grouper, Bass
  • Raw sushi (thank goodness Tempura Eel sushi is still okay!)
  • No sunny side up eggs
  • Sweet n Low
But what am I suppose to be eating? Lots of milk, lots of leafy veggies, and fruit. Who said this wasn't a diet? I took an online quiz today, lets see how you do:

Pregnant women are suppose to eat how many extra calories a day?
a) 300 (example: Cereal, banana, tea and milk)
b) 500 (example: Baked salmon, serving of asparagus, broccoli and a side salad)
c) 900 (example: All of that above and two pieces of bread with butter)

so...what do you think?



Wait for it....

"A" people! All that eating for two is not true. Actually, the way I feel now, I'd be lucky to get in 1/2 of A. I'm not sick or anything, I just think I'm really hungry and then I start eating, and then I'm done. Chris has ordered me large quantities of numerous things, only to see me eat half. That's all I can manage people. I'm sure this will catch up with me in a few months and then I'll be all, can I eat yours too? Cause I'm making up for that first trimester...

Off to the grocery store.

Love, Nicole

Saturday, June 6

Loeki James Baksa

February 3, 2001-June 6, 2009

Our little guy, Loeki, passed away today, after complications with his kidneys. He was 8 years old. Loeki was born in Norman, Oklahoma and came to live with us when he was a few months old. Passing him back and forth between our college apartments, Loeki was a hit with everyone. When we moved to Colorado, you can bet Loeki was right there. He loved the mountains, and didn't mind the snow too much, although he would shiver often, just to make sure you felt bad for him. Being the traveling dog he was, Loeki didn't mind it one bit when we moved to Savannah. The warm weather suited him just fine and he really liked his new big fenced back yard and new brother Angelo. Loeki could be found tearing up dryer sheets, rolling around on his back, or even posing for pictures in his little tuxedo, to be used as table markers at his parents wedding last July. There was never a problem finding someone to watch Loeki, on the rare occasion that he did not come with us. He was very popular with all our friends. Acquiring such nicknames as Lokers-go-Brokers, LokeDog, Ruffles, and Low Key, Loeki was much more a part of the family than a pet. A family member that will be dearly missed.

We love you Loeki. Always will.

Chris & Nicole

Thursday, June 4

5 Weeks and Counting

Here I am at 5 weeks pregnant today. I can't believe I have a picture of my stomach on the internet. Of course in a few months I'm going to look back at this and say, "Whoa, look how great I looked!"

This weekend, Chris and I have a sizable collection of baby books, pregnancy magazines, pamphlets and prenatal vitamin samples to go through. I've caught up to week 4 in the baby book, and am going to try and go through the what to eat section and stock up on some of the foods I need to be eating.

We are also spending this weekend we getting ready for Uncle Pat to come and visit us. We can't wait to see him!

We have been trying to get the word out to our friends and family about the baby, but have gotten a little distracted as we try and take good care of our little Loeki who is sick and at the vet for the next couple of days. Say a little prayer for our Lokers-go-Brokers, we miss him very much.

Chris is fast asleep at 9 o'clock on the couch beside me, I think he's getting sympathy fatigue, (smile). Well I'm off. Just wanted to update you on the stomach...it is going to be so exciting when its big and out there. I can wait :)

Nicole & (sleeping) Chris

Wednesday, June 3

Coming to a Crib Near You: February 7th, 2010

It all started, Saturday May 30th: First pregnancy test says positive!
Sunday May 31st: We are up to 4 tests....all positive!
Monday June 1st: We still don't believe it....
Tuesday June 2nd: Keeping this secret is hard.
Wednesday June 3rd: 9am, first doctors appointment, its official.

We are having a baby.

WE are having a baby.

Chris and I started this blog so you, our family and friends, can check in and see what's going on and what we've been up to. Welcome aboard for what looks to be a crazy ride.

All our love,
Chris & Nicole