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Defined as: 1. Of or prompted by feelings of tenderness or nostalgia: example: Nicole Baksa

I am sentimental.  Mushy, romantic, nostalgic.  I have always thought it was important to properly document life's stages, so that I can relive those memories.  I do this for the people in my life as well.  The very first present I gave to Chris, before we were ever a couple, was a scrapbook of our freshmen year, The Freshman Experience as I called it.  Thankfully my husband is as nostalgic as I am.  (He has ALL of his college notebooks so he can remember going to class and being a student...seriously)

Looking back I have books documenting my senior year, trips, our wedding, moving to Savannah, you name it.  I still have the movie stubs to the first movie Chris ever took me to. I've got my prom tickets from highschool.  I think you are beginning to understand why I wrote that post on decluttering my home.  (I do keep these "keepsakes" in photo albums so they aren't taking over our home)

You can imagine having Christian sent me into sentimental overdrive.  I tried to think of ways I could document how this tiny little person changed my life in every way.  I do keep up with his baby book, but that's pretty normal, especially for the first baby :) (poor second children).  
Chris & I kept up with how big..err GIANT I got :)

I got this little red notebook when I was 18 weeks pregnant with Christian.  I wrote notes to my little guy before I knew he was a little guy.  I wrote his birth story before I got the chance to forget it.  I write short little updates on what he did/learned weekly.  I write down things I want to be sure to tell him.  I write how much he means to me.  

I was reading in the new Real Simple magazine about an author that has created a Mom Book for herself.  Every holiday when she would get a card from her children (she has 9! Eek!) she would have them draw a picture or write a message in a book.  This way she could keep all their notes and drawings, but she wouldn't get nine cards three times a year. 

I'm going to get a book this Mothers Day for Chris to help Christian write in.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

I told Chris my (stolen) idea and he of course wants a Dad Book as well...

We were meant to be I tell ya. 

Easter 2011

This Easter we took Christian to a Saturday Easter egg hunt at our friend Chrissy's church.  They had a petting zoo, bouncy houses and hot dogs.  Christian won a prize & insisted on picking the blue bunny below...even though we were trying to get him to take the game :)  I guess he knows what he wants, he's been carrying it around for days.  :)

This is little C waiting for the go ahead to start looking for eggs.  Aren't his little shoes great?! Thanks Grandma B.

He's ready for the hunt...if he would put that bunny down~!

Kylin, Jacob, Kylins cousin Jacob, Christian & Chris

Chris and I were amazed that Christian picked up the eggs! He didn't want to let go to put them in the basket, but he picked them right up.

Christian and Kylin

Off to get more eggs

He even carried his basket (some of the time)

No we are not getting a bunny

Or a camel, Chris :)

This little horse is a biter so he had to use the cup!

What is Christian staring at so seriously?

This guy :)

We figured Christian would love a pony ride, right?

Not so much :)

He clings to Chris for safety

Kylin enjoyed her ride

My cute boys

Chrissy, Chris & Christian

Christian had such a good time

I came out from behind the camera for this pic.  How cute is my little guy?
Sunday we went to church and took our annual Easter family picture.  We get it this Sunday, so I will scan and post it here.  Can't wait to compare it to our last years photo when C was only 2 months old.  He has changed so much in a year.  Last year he was practically sleeping in line while I rocked him.  This year he was dancing in line and singing to himself.  Well--before he took off running and tried to get in another families picture.  I guess he figured, who wouldn't want a cute curly haired boy in their family picture?

I couldn't think of anyone who wouldn't, Christian.

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These are the cherry tomato plants I got for Christian. It's by far his favorite food, he eats them at least once a day, sometimes twice. I figure maybe if I can grow some it will make a dent in our tomato bill :)
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A Gardening we Go

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Easter Baskets

Our Little Easter Bunny

I love baskets.  And containers..and boxes...  Pretty much things that hold other things.  I'm so excited that this year I get to make Christian an Easter basket.  It is something I always imagined about having kids, making them fun Easter baskets filled with all the stuff they love. 

Christian is still a little young to take part in the Easter egg hunts, but not too young for a fun basket.  I found a felt Easter basket at Target...I'm thinking I want to get another because its too small for all my treats to fit in, but it was super cute (and light so he can carry it).

I found Easter sidewalk chalk at Wal-Mart.  Christian is getting really into using markers and pens.  He has marked up my planner, the table and he tried the wall but I thankfully caught him.  I figured he would get a kick out of drawing outside on the sidewalk.

I also picked up this little cup because you know how he feels about straws.

C  was with me when I picked this up, I figured its not like he'd remember right? Well he saw it and he screamed for 15 minutes because I wouldn't give it to him :) Guess I know what he likes...

I'd like to include an Easter book...

Some play wooden food for his kitchen...found at The Land of Nod

And maybe a peep or two! You can't have a good Easter basket without peeps.

I have way more ideas than I'll be purchasing, but here are a few other presents that my little guy would love and maybe your little guy or girl would too!

How sweet is this Peter Rabbit set?  I'm always on the look out for cute divided dishes.  You can get this set at Pottery Barn Kids.

Mega Blocks are a big hit in our house.  For Christmas Christian received a Mega Blocks table and he would love this bag of fun blocks to add to his collection.  You can get one for your little chickadee at  Toys R Us .  It also comes in a rabbit version.
I can just see C wearing this backpack around the house

This little stacking wooden train would be a hit! I love the Imaginarium brand at Toys R Us.  They have lots of bright high quality wooden toys at great prices.  Get your wooden train here
No Easter post would be complete without cute Easter outfit ideas.  Here are my favorites for little boys and little girls...because I can look right!? :) I have a niece....

I am on the hunt for a cute hat for my little guy.  I may not get to buy poofy dresses, but I can accesorize my little guy :)
Baby Gap hat
how funny is this one? Also from Baby Gap

I love this blazer with maybe white slacks. Also Baby Gap
This little dress from baby Gap may be my favorite
This would be perfect for my little niece...
Found at The Children's Place in toddler boys, are these not adorable? I wore these with my uniform when I was little, I'd love to get C a pair. 
From Gymboree, isn't this sweet? Add a little hat and I think we'd be set.

love, Coley

Monday, April 11

Birthday Pictures

Our little Christian turned one...2 months ago. I figured I'd better post these pictures before he doesn't look like the same kid, since he is changing every day.  Chris asked me how he can still be growing so much since he NEVER eats.  Like anything.  And yet his 12-18 month pants are now officially highwaters.  Isn't that the word?

Before I post these I first have to say Happy Birthday to the cutest little girl ever, Miss Penelope! She is one year old today and I know that her mommy and daddy are giving her tons of kisses and love.  Please tell her that her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin love her very much and can't wait to see her soon.  Presents are in the mail! 
Waiting for cake

The theme was monkeys and we did red and sky blue decorations. 

Loved the cake!
Cupcakes for the little ones
Seemed like he was okay at first...

Then he tasted it...and gagged!

Present time!

Christians friend Benjamin helping out


Mindy and Ben

Danielle and Diana

Riding his train

Jodi and Christian

The kids had a great time playing in the backyard

Pretty sure this is Cayden...his twin Caleb was at the party too :)

Christian and Kylin had the best time "talking" to each other through the window

Christian with the Browns

Wagon ride in his birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Baksa

His awesome carrier from Tia Carmita

Birthday suit ha ha

C had the best time carrying this balloon around the house (super cute overalls compliments of Grandma B)

Smock from the Baksas :) So cute.

Birthday outfit from Grandma B

Birthday Elmo backpack


My little guy has come a long way from this