Tuesday, May 25


C & C

by far, my favorite guys

Our first family trip (and random pictures)

We are packing and getting everything ready for our first family trip!
 Christian in his Pumas Chris bought him

Tomorrow we will be flying (eek!) to Colorado to visit family and friends, for almost 2 whole weeks!  Then we will say goodbye to Daddy and Christian and I will fly to Oklahoma where I will get to spend another two weeks catching up with friends and family.

 Christians face when he thought he was going to have to wear shoes everyday :)
-don't worry, we were just trying them on-

We are very excited (me=nervous) to fly with Christian and have him meet some of our friends and family he hasn't met yet.
What happened when we took the paci out

I'll be sure to post pictures of him flying for the first time and keep you all updated. 

Lots of love,

Saturday, May 15

Bad Dog to a Good Home

Anyone need an Angelo? (oh he looks so innocent there doesn't he?)
After months of quiet hatred he has began his revolt against Christian...

Exhibit A:  This was Christians favorite monkey, his Grandma Baksa bought it for him for Christmas.  He loved to lick him and swing him around.  Here's what he looked like after Angelo had a little fun with him.

So...I had to go online and find another one, and bought two just in case...

Since this "incident" Angelo has also destroyed a pacifier, and a few toys have been moved around, but no missing eyes since Monkeys attack.  I don't know what we are going to do with that dog!  I think he knows its too hot in Georgia for him to live outside, and we've loaned all his cages out... Maybe he's hoping we'll keep him and get rid of the kid, since he's less work?

If you see him on your doorstep, feel free to let him in and and just start taking care of him :) 


Friday, May 14

Just perfect

As I rocked Christian Orion to sleep tonight I realized that this is what I have always wanted.  What I have always dreamed of and waited for.  He makes every day just that much better. 

Tuesday, May 4


Our very dear friend Jason had an accident yesterday and is in the hospital.  Please pray for him.  I really don't know what I would do without him, he means so much to our family. 

Love, Nicole, Chris and Christian

Monday, May 3

Summer Vacation

This summer we are going to see our families. We haven't been home in the summer for quite a while and are really looking forward to seeing everyone and having Christian meet everyone. He's got tons of Aunts and Uncles he hasn't met yet, he can't wait to go shoot some hoops with Uncle Pat (he has the basketball shorts already packed) and hang out with his cousin Penelope. In Oklahoma he's already got plans to hang out with cousin Jett and Evan and he can't wait to meet his Great Grandma. We leave May 26th for Colorado and we'll be in Oklahoma on the 7th of June.

I started a list of everything Christian will need while we are gone for about a month, and well lets just say I will probably start packing next week. Theres. That. Much.


I hate packing, less than I hate unpacking, but still, this is going to be a mess. Bottles, clothes (he changes at least twice a day due to spit up), diapers, toys, blankets, burp cloths, bibs......

Hopefully Christian will smile at the bag checkers so they don't charge us extra fees for oversized bags :)

And if that wasn't enough to stress me out (and it is) there's the whole craziness of flying with a 4 month old. I am so nervous. On the way out I'll have Chris, so that makes me feel tons better, but I'm on my own when I head to Oklahoma.

I've been reading everything I can get my hands on about how to better travel with infants ( you know I've got like 10 lists running right now, things to bring, things to do, ways to calm....).

When it comes to moms...do they ever stop worrying? I've got a 3 month streak going on right now :)

Haha. I'm the super layed back worrying mom...that makes no sense.

3 Months Old

This past Saturday Christian turned 3 Months old! He is getting to be quite the big (little) guy. So far he's got a pretty good hold on his head...still bobbing around a bit though. He's sleeping through the night in his crib, eating every 3 to 4 hours (SINCE SATURDAY! THANK GOODNESS! can you tell the every 2 hours was killing me?!), he can grasp objects, lift his head up when he's on his tummy, and coos and smiles and laughs at us. Grandparents you won't believe this is the same baby you saw just three months ago, he's changed so much.

I love this one, he looks like a little doll.
Christian makes these ducky lips all the time. Cracks us up.

Here's one for perspective. Everyone always thinks by the pictures he's the size of a 6 month old. Its the hair, throws everyone off. In person people are always asking me if he's tiny for his age because they think with all that hair he must be 6 months old. No people, he's a big 3 month old and yes, he does have tons of hair. I think I say that at least 5 times a day :)
Christian just figured out how to get his fingers in his mouth and he's loving it.
There I am hiding in the background :) He decided no more pictures unless he was sitting in my lap.
He always gets serious on me when the camera comes out. I have to try and distract him, otherwise he just stares at it like, what is that thing?, the entire time.

Its been a great 3 months.