Friday, December 28

Christmas Presents

In the words of Christian Baksa, "i love Christmas!" Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Baksa and Mimi & Papa Gibson!

We love our swing set.

Like, really really love.

Monday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Here are the boys Christmas Eve at church. So cute.

Family Picture Sneak Peak

Here are a few of the family pictures we got taken a few weekends ago. I'm so excited to see the rest!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Enter to Win

Go to the link above and enter to win one of three amazing prizes!!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

Monday, December 17

I should be cleaning....

But instead I'm taking a break (as much of a break as a mom with a two and 11m old can- they are both on my lap) and looking at this beautiful purse online :) I got to see it in person this weekend at Macy's and did not manage to convince Chris of purchasing it :)

I tried to explain all the money I'm saving by not buying cute high heels and dresses (since these days i pretty much live in yoga pants..Yoga pants with slobber at that!)

I'm guessing it was the $300 price tag that threw him off. Guys so don't get purse math. I would carry this everyday for a year- thats less than a dollar a day! Maybe in another life....ha ha.

Off to try and clean with Gibson on my leg :)

Love, Nicole

Tuesday, December 11