Wednesday, September 30

Already handsome just like Dad...

Click the images to see our little guy up close. Pic 1 is the babies foot, Pic 2 is our little guy waving :), Pic 3 is a profile shot, those are the ribs you can see, Pic 4 is our baby boy proof, Pic 5 is two shots of him with his arms behind his head, Pic 6 he's playing peek a boo, Pic 7 is a mystery to me :) I think its his stomach...and Pic 8 is another great profile shot.

He moved all around when he was having his picture taken. He was so cute :)

We are already in love...

Tuesday, September 22

If...its a girl

Oops, can't forget to show the baby girl stuff off!

Here are the things I cannot wait to buy- if its a girl.

Skinny Jeans, Mary Jane tights, and the cutest shirt and skirt.

Oh and this...

Thursday, September 17

Baby Boy

I've done pretty good family and friends.

I haven't bought much for this little baby.

I've held back.

I've tried to be reasonable.

But as soon as we find out, its on.

Here are the things I'll be buying (immediatley) if its a Boy.

I love this. The color is perfect too. We can measure how big our little guy gets.
I am not even going to try and live without these...they look like tiny loafers. Think I can get away with them for a little girl too?

19 weeks and much to do!

I've got so much running through my head. All the things I still need to do, all the things I haven't even thought about yet but inevitably still need to do. Now that I've woken up (I've been laying on the couch/bed half asleep after work for the last two days- so tired!) I thought it would be a good time to make a more "realistic" list of things to do. Not that my 30+ list of house projects can't all be done...but well....maybe I need to prioritize it a bit. So I'm jotting it down here in hopes I'll keep on track. Feel free to call and hassle me, I need the motivation.

House Projects:

  • Living Room- New entry rug, oraganize front closet and wall organizer, decorate bookshelf, paint bar and get glass cut for top, art/shelf on back wall and back corner.

  • Kitchen/Dining Room- Make curtains (found material!), go thru all the stuff on the fridge.

  • Pantry/1/2 Bath- Take everything off pantry shelves and organize, set up area to put shoes and bags when we come home, print pictures for frames in bathroom, yellow rug for bathroom, touch up yellow paint, find silver trash can and magazine holder

  • Hall- Paint orange squares and hang wedding photos

  • Office-Curtains!, cover chaise, organize white dresser, replace bookcase, get and hang idea board, figure out storage for desk supplies

  • Guest Bathroom- Paint one wall and hang/frame Van Gogh pictures, get new bathroom rugs, find storage for towels and baby bath supplies

  • Laundry Room- Re Organize!

  • Guest Room- Paint or wall decals, paint desk(big maybe), set up furniture and take extra things to garage, clean out closet

  • Master Bedroom/Bathroom- Get mirror and hang, frame wedding pictures & vintage pictures of cathedral, make headboard, new pillows for chairs, frame family pictures, organize bathroom closet, paint monogram over tub, clean master closet

Yard/Garage Projects:

  • Garage- Paint, Organize and build shelves. (This is so all Chris) Start parking in garage!

  • Front Yard- Fix fence and sod a few places, new fall flowers in pots near front door

  • Back Yard- Repair canopy thing, move rug and replace with outdoor rug on patio, new shepards hook for bird feeder.
Baby Stuff:

  • The Nusery: Paint, decorate, everything! Order furniture asap, and clean closet out(now would be a good time to get that wedding dress to the cleaners), add another hanging bar?, new light fixture, order rug, paint bookcase

  • Come up with a Baby Girl Room plan (Chris thinks I'm throwing off our probability of having a boy since I know exactly what to do for a boys know you're having the sex you're not as prepared for)

  • Complete our baby gear list and register

  • Find a stroller and buy

  • Make the cloth diaper try or not to try

  • Come up with more baby names. We will share our list soon.

  • Read up on vaccines and the alternate vaccine schedule

  • Print pictures of family and frame for babies room

  • Start the search for that Coach diaper bag! :)

  • Stock up on books on infant to toddler years


  • Come up with monthly cleaning plan- including a laundry schedule (I know you are excited about that one Chris!)

  • Make a major run to Goodwill

  • Start transitioning cleaning products to less chemical versions

  • Plan a trip to North Carolina

  • Plan a trip to Buy Buy Baby in Augusta

  • Get rid of everything we don't need, haven't used or aren't going to...DE CLUTTER

  • Look into getting a stereo for downstairs

  • Look into getting a photo printer (going to be printing away once baby gets here)

  • Have carpet cleaned

  • Get screen doors for front and back doors

Okay I think I got it all out! This is so way more for me than you blog reader, but I had to get that down somewhere or I was going to go crazy. I'll let you know how it goes...starting tonight!

Sunday, September 13

Almost Birthday Time

It's not officially here yet, but I have already had such a great birthday.

Friday I was greeted by a package from the Baksas! It contained a beautiful necklace and bracelet set (silver & turquoise) and money to buy a purse from Myriam! I loved the jewelry and I went right out and found the perfect purse. I couldn't find the green one I had posted here earlier, but I found a powder blue purse in super soft leather that I love.

I can actually fine my keys now...thanks Myriam! My MIL is the best.
Patrick sent me a beautiful scarf, a CU t-shirt (now I have one that fits!) and the best gum ever. Lots of it. Thanks Pat!

On Saturday another little package showed up from my parents and Christopher. Here's Kylin taking it for a test drive.

She agrees pink was the way to go.

Speaking of the Nortons, our favorite family away from home brought over some amazing treats for my birthday. Brownies, a new board game, nail polish and coupons for all kinds of fun stuff!

So the birthday is not even here yet and its already been amazing thanks to my family and friends. Monday after work we are going to eat Mellow Mushroom with a bunch of friends and in two weeks we are headed on a baby shopping trip to Jacksonville.

28 is going to be a good year...