Saturday, November 26

Baby Room Decorations

I got some great black Friday deals for baby Baksa's room yesterday!

Monday, November 21

Just The Numbers

  • 33 Weeks.  Tomorrow I hit this new milestone.  I will try and take a picture.  
  • 3 Coordinated Outfits. Tomorrow we take our Christmas pictures! I'm doing a red and black mix of clothes so it works for Christmas but I can still display the pictures without it being too obvious.  It's suppose to be 81 degrees tomorrow ...oh Savannah.
  • 233 Projects to complete. I know this one is a slight exaggeration but seriously in my pregnant mind it feels that way.  The room is be painted today? The birds I'm making are about where they were last week.  One done, nine to go.  I've still got to cover the chaise and find a rug.  Not to mention the art that is not even a thought right now. It will come together.  I say this a lot in my head.  
  •  1 Crazy Haired 21 Month Old.  Christian definitely knows something is up. He finally said "Baby" last night. He pointed to his baby doll and said baby, then pointed to my stomach and repeated it again.  You could see the little light bulb go off in his head.  He was really excited and clapped for himself. 
  • 14 Pairs of Cuddly Newborn Pajamas. So sweet, little pajamas.  It was like going down memory lane last night as I showed Chris things Christian use to wear.  There were lots of, "No way he ever fit in that!" and lots of me digging up old photos to prove it.  Its amazing how big (& Potty Trained!) he is now.  I'm so excited we get to do it all over again.  
  • 1 Super Awesome Husband.  Christo has been so great helping me get everything done, keeping Christian entertained so that I can go pick up stuff for the baby and get our Christmas shopping done.  Taking over bath time, running Christian to the potty when I'm tired after doing it all day, and just being sweet even when I feel like I weigh a thousand pounds, I'm limping and may be grumpy...may.  Ha ha.

Saturday, November 19

Christians Christmas List Ideas: For Myriam

Hi Myriam!

Here is the list I sent you in your email.  Sorry the pictures didn't show up! 

Pick and choose whatever you like.  I know that #1 on the list is his favorite for sure :)

1. Plasyskool Explore 'N Grow Busy Ball Popper  $19.98 at Toys R Us (they also have this at Walmart)

Click to Buy Ball Popper 
Kylin has this and Christian plays with it every time we go visit.  He's pointing at the screen and yelling BALL right now.  :)

2. Animal Neck Pillow for car- $9.34 at Target
Click to Buy Neck Pillow
Christians neck is always falling over when he falls asleep in the car, thought this might work for him ;) Plus its a monkey and he'd love that.
 3.  Leapfrog My Own Leaptop- $19 at Amazon (also at Target)
Click to Buy Laptop
Since Christian loves all things electronic we thought he would love this and it can help teach him numbers and letters too.
4. Small CD Player- $20
Chris had the good idea to get Christian a CD player to play at bedtime/naptime to block out the crying baby (anything to keep him in bed :) Since he loves to dance so much I thought he'd also use it a lot during the week when he's playing in his room. 
Click to Buy CD Player

5. Cars.  Christian has recently discovered the movies Cars and now I have to avoid that entire aisle at Wal-Mart.  :)  He'd love anything Cars, especially one that moved.  Here are a few he'd love.
Click to Buy Shake and Go Car  $14.99  at Toys R Us.  You shake the car to get it to drive around the room. 
Fisher Price Mack Hauler And Mcqueen Cars- $34.99  Car races down back of hauler
Click to Buy Mack Hauler And Mcqueen Cars at Target
6.  Anything Thomas the Train.  All I hear around here is Choo-Choo.  He must officially be all-boy now because he is obsessed with all things cars and trains.  :)  Here are some Thomas ideas:

Fisher Price Take-n-Play Thomas & Friends: "Bust My Buffers" Thomas Engine- $14.99

Click to Buy Take-n-Play-Thomas at Target

Thomas Wooden Railway Carry Case & Playmat $17.59- this is a little case to take trains with him and has a flat mat inside it so he can drive his trains on it.  Target and Wal Mart have the little 4 packs of trains that he can drive on this mat. 

Click to Buy Carry case and mat at Target

7. FAO Schwarz Tin Cash Register- $24.99 at Toys R Us- I think C would get a kick out of this. 
Click to Buy Cash Register

8. Sidewalk Chalk- I got a six piece set of chalk for Christian for Easter and he has almost used them up.  $5.99
Click To Buy Sidewalk chalk

9. Bubble Gun- $7.99  This would be a great stocking stuffer for Christian.  He loves bubbles but hasn't figured out how to blow them yet, so I think he'd enjoy this gun.
Click To Buy Bubble Blaster

Sizes for Clothes: Currently (winter stuff)Shoes- 8 or 8.5 ToddlerShirts- 3TPants- 2TUnderwear- 2THat- Kids SmallPJ's- 3T
If warmer weather clothing 3T and 4T

Thursday, November 17

Ohhh I Want These!

Think Santa will bring me these for Christmas?

I want something I can wear after I am (FINALLY) done being pregnant and back to my somewhat old self.

Black size 9 please Santa! ha ha  

 Buy them here Santa!

Wednesday, November 9

Babies Room- Woodland Twist

Hello all!

We have began to gather stuff and hope to have the babies room done sometime Thanksgiving least by December 1st I hope.  Since I am officially a crazed pregnant woman, and the baby measured ahead (by 2 weeks!) I am convinced that he will come early and my due date is off.  This may be totally irrational because all I have to compare it to is Christians pregnancy (and nothing about this pregnancy is remotely the same) BUT, I just have this weird feeling from the beginning that my due date is off.  Its like the feeling when I think I'll chance it and take Christian into one more store, way to close to naptime, and I know I shouldn't and I do anyway and its a total meltdown.  Its like I knew it was coming but I did not heed the warning signs.  That's how I feel about baby boy Baksa.  He is coming soon and I better get all my projects wrapped up, otherwise I'll be the one having the meltdown :) 

We have pretty much selected the color for the room...holding out for my swatch of material to arrive from the lady that is making the sheet, but I'm in love with this Valspar color:
Its very glossy and bright in person.  I'm thinking of the semi gloss on two walls and the other two walls will be a bright white.  On the green walls will these white birch trees:

It comes with a couple of white birds and I'm going to add some squirrels, a hedgehog & a cute little owl.  On the tree wall I'll have the crib set up with mostly white bedding.  I did order a great green sheet and I think its going to tie everything together nicely.  
Its the material on the far right:

I still need to find a birdcage to hang in the corner...I'm going to have the  little birds I'm making  flying out of it and over the crib for the mobile.  I've almost finished one of the birds and they have turned out pretty cute so far.  Here's what they look like:
 I'm making royal blue (my accent color) and white birds.  I don't have too much more to make...trying to keep my projects down to a minimum since I'm already 31 weeks.  If there's time I have a lot more ideas.  I'm painting the letters of the babies name and hanging them from ribbon, I would like to get some wood cut and make some cute woodland animal art for the baby...we will see about that.  I thought the wood would be a nice touch instead of doing them on canvas like I usually do.  I'm considering making a green or blue roman shade to put under the curtains I have.  Just to add some color.  I've seen a lot of neat *cheats* for making your own roman shades, from spray paint to super I might try one of those out for fun.  I see Valspar makes the same paint colors in spray versions....I found these curtains at Ikea and they were perfect and $14.99 so I had to have them...but since they will be on the white wall I thought maybe the green underneath would be nice.  Here they are:

I am covering a big chaise lounge in grey material to tie in with the Emerald green, Sapphire blue, grey and white color scheme.  I'm thinking a woodland theme with a jewel tone twist.  I'm way over brown.  

Still to find: 
  • I'd love a coo coo clock! Wouldn't that be great? Preferably a non working one because I value my sanity, but just for decoration would be nice.  
  • Bird cage...I plan to spray paint it silver if I can't find the right color.
  • Pillows for the chaise.  
  • A rug.  I've pretty much got to see the room done before I can pick a color.  Christians rug got here about five days before he did.  It still made it!
  • Books and picture frames.  Maybe a bulletin board or a chalk board? 
  • Storage bins.  I need a toy bin, a diaper bin and a hamper.  
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 2

Tuesday, November 1

Halloween 2011

Christian had such a great time trick-or-treating.  He caught on a lot quicker than either Chris or I thought...must have something to do with the candy.  I hope he catches on the potty training this weekend just as fast :)

Little kids kept saying "Hi Mario!" when they saw Christian and he kept waving back and saying hi like he knew they were talking to him :) It was too funny. 

How cute are they? I couldn't believe Christian kept his mustache on as long as he did, it was too funny, covered his whole mouth. 

lets go!

More pictures to come...can't get them off the disk...need my IT helper and he's at work. 

I did get in on the Mario action a little bit, I was Princess Peach...minus the dress or the yellow hair (as one little trick-or-treater told me :), her exact quote, "If I'm not mistaken you are Princess Peach...well minus the dress and the yellow hair..right?" haha.  Yes little girl, I'm 30 weeks pregnant and they don't sell princess Peach dresses for people with giant stomachs :)  Not that I would buy that would be a sight. 

Love, Nicole