Wednesday, March 28

Monday, March 26

2 month pics

Gibson was two months on the second and I'm just now posting his pics. Oops! I'll do better next month G.

Here's our cute boy.

Saturday, March 24

The Sweetest Thing

How is this baby almost THREE MONTHS OLD???!??

Gibson loves cuddling, being held by me every minute of the day :), his new Bumbo chair (thanks Mimi!), music and laughing out loud.

Gibson hates riding in the car (boo on that), tummy time, sleeping in his bassinet, waiting even three seconds to eat :)

Christian loves Dora, French fries, cherry tomatoes (still!), dancing, trucks, cars, boats...anything with an engine!

Christian hates baths (heaven help me), haircuts, hair combing (should I just put Grooming of all kinds?!), strangers (a least that's a good one) and when anything on him gets wet!

Love these boys.

Monday, March 19

Our Little Christian

Christian is the sweetest little boy.  Oh how we love him.  I wanted to share a few stories and sayings of our little man for our family and friends that don't get to see him too often.  He has changed so much since Christmas, you cannot believe.  In fact every day now he says something new.  I feel like we were just excited that he could walk and now he's running and jumping and imitating everything we do.  Since I can't slow it down I figure I better at least write it down otherwise I may not remember what a cool stage he is in right now.

2 Years Old

  • I took Christian on errands with me yesterday and he had to take his new Dora in every time.  The checker at Sam's asked if Dora was his girlfriend.  He starts shaking his hand back and forth, "no! no! Dora Bebe!"  We do not date babies :) haha!
  • Christian is just putting sentences together and its still a little off, but we get the point mostly.  He told me the other day, "Bath. Bath Toys. Daddy. I love you" Which pretty much means, Daddy gives me baths. We play with the bath toys and I love him.  He paused after every word and nodded to me to make sure I understood.  I'm with you buddy..Dad is great.  
  • I dropped the babies pacifier in the dirt while we were headed out one day, and before I could say anything Christian yelled out, "OHH MANNN!" 
  • Christian is really good at saying "please" and "thank you" but for some reason when you ask him to say, "more, please" (two words he knows very well) it must get lost in translation because he says,  It goes like this:                                                                                                                             Chris: Say "More" Christian: "More" Chris: Say "Please" Christian: "Pleazzz" Chris: Now say, "More Please" Christian: "More More!" hahaha 
  • Before bed his routine is to kiss everyone goodnight.  Momma and Daddy and Baby Gibson, Angelo too.  Recently he has added in a few others.  My laptop, the iphone, the tv! He really likes his technology. :)
  • When my dad came to visit this Christmas, one morning he and Christian were playing with dad's hat.  Now every time he sees a picture of my dad he says, "Papa!" and pats his head.  Talk about lasting impression.  It is too funny.  
  • We took Christians Ford F150 out for spin yesterday and it took us forever to get to the end of the block because Christian had to keep stopping, checking his mirrors, adjusting his gauges, and dancing to the music on the radio.  The neighbors were cracking up.  He'd drive for a minute, stop, turn the station, start dancing and then we'd be off again after about a minute of that.  
There are a million more funny things this kid does every day, I'll try to update more frequently so we can all be sure to tease him in the future :)

love, nicole

St. Patricks Day

Hello all! I thought I would take today and update you on the boys.  It has been a crazy few months and it seems things are just settling down.  I'll say that and then it will get nuts again, but oh well.  :)  Spring has sprung right into early summer...ohhh the south, yayyy for us! It has been 80 degrees and beautiful but seriously, 80 degrees in March? What does that mean for May? Its not going to be good.  I may need to go visit my family in a humidity friendly state. 

For St. Patrick's Day this year we decided to take advantage of a night out and skip the parade all together :) haha! Sorry kiddos! Our wonderful Auntie Alicia kept the boys for us and we went out and celebrated Christopher turning Old..oh uh, I mean 30. :)  I'm already 30 so I can make jokes. 

Alicia is the best Auntie and held down the fort while we hopped around downtown and got to see all the crazy people out for the holiday.  Since the news was estimating and EXTRA million people in Savannah we thought better of the parade.  Not with a two month old and a two year old.  First we would have to wake them up at six in the morning.  That's as far as we got.  We are not into waking sleeping children.  Sane people don't do this.  Seriously.

So we watched a little of the parade on the "T" (tv to Christian :)and laid around most of the day.  Later in the afternoon we took the boys downtown for a little bit to get Christian something fun off those vendor carts with the blinking lights (see- we are not heartless!) and he got this:

Dora.  Also known in this household as, "The Most Amazing Character to have EVER Graced our Television."  He is obsessed with this little girl.  I don't think he has put her down since we got her.  Best $6 we have spent in a long time.  She ran errands with us all day Sunday and had a good time waving at everyone.  He even shared his french fries with her.  Tell me that's not love. 

We quickly left downtown as it was insane (!) and I got really freaked out in the pizza line.  Let me tell you about it....

The night before we saw a police officer friend of ours.  He told us how his buddy had just arrested a "hippie" (his words not mine) for going to the bathroom in the street (? what!) and that we should be careful around these people because they have SKIN DISEASES!  What?! He said that they look really dirty and always have a lot of dogs with them, they never wash and apparently someone caught a skin disease from them, so be sure they don't touch you.  So fastfoward to Saturday afternoon, Chris is holding Christian, I'm pushing Gibson in the stroller and we get in line to get a piece of pizza.  I notice I smell something horrible.  I turn around and there are the people the guy was talking about.  Now let me throw in a disclaimer that Chris says I'm the crazy liberal.  I like to buy food and give money to the homeless on the street and since getting my minor in Social Sciences I really do believe that the majority of the homeless have mental problems and no family and that is how they end up on the street.  I always imagine that if I was in that situation, I'd want someone more fortunate to give me a few dollars.  I have debated with many a friend who thinks they should just, "Get A Job." (not that its a bad idea, just saying it won't work for everyone..) anyways..... totally going off on a tangent. 

Back to Skin Disease! As the guy and girl kept scooting closer and closer to my baby, (AHHH DON'T TOUCH MY BABY WITH YOUR SKIN DISEASED HANDS)  I just freaked out.  Plus the smell was overwhelming and really appetite killing.  I didn't even think that was possible when it came to Vinny's Pizza.  Needless to say we took off and that was that for St. Patrick's Day downtown with children :) 

Hope yours was great!

love, nicole

Thursday, March 15

So as not to forget

Gibson is too funny. As we head into month two with our little guy, his personality is really showing up.

He loves the nose sucker thing. What is it called ??? A nasal aspirator? Did I just make that up? The blue thing in the picture :) Every time we use it he laughs and coos. He thinks it's the best. I couldn't get anywhere near C with that thing. I thought it was a fluke, but since he caught a little cold from Christian last week we have been using it a few times a day. Smiles every. single. time. So funny.

He also likes when I cut his nails. I'm telling you people we may be looking at a completely different personality despite their looks. In fact, Christian came over to see what we were doing because obviously Gibson was having too much fun. He even let me cut a few of his fingernails just to see what the big deal was.

Poor Gibson had to get his two month shots (doesn't get easier to watch them so the Dr said we could give him a little Tylenol if he got a low fever. Well he did, so we gave it to him and you would have thought we were trying to poison him! Gagging, flailing arms, horrible was seriously traumatic. For me. :)

Thrilled about grooming, but no thanks on the meds mom.

Can't wait to learn every little thing about this guy.

Love, Nicole

Monday, March 5

Days 3, 4 & 5 of the Pic a Day Challenge

Here's the catch up!

Saturday was a shot of my neighborhood & it literally did not stop raining all day long, so we took it as a sign and snuggled on the couch and watched movies all day. So I just stuck my head out and took this pic.

Sunday was a picture of your bedside. I think mine is pretty cute :)

And today was smile. We went on a walk this morning and swung by the playground where Christian flashed me this adorable smile.

It's a crazy windy day here, so may we will get a little kite flying in after naps. Off to work on my wedding. It's in May! I can't believe how fast this year is going.

Love, Nicole

Friday, March 2

Day 2

Fruit! Christians breakfast that I ended up eating because he apparently does not need food to grow as much as he does.

Thursday, March 1

Two Monkeys in the Bed

These boys are so much fun.

#1 Up

Sunshine coming in. Time to get UP!

March Photo A Day

Hello all! Since I have been having a hard time finding time to blog I thought I'd challenge myself to a photo a day. I figure I can manage that, right? Here's the list! Feel free to join in and live me the link so I can check out your pics too.

Love, nic