Friday, July 30


Last weekend we took Christian to the beach for the first time.  We got up, got packed, and headed to Hilton Head Island, SC.  It was seriously hot so we didn't stay too long, but the time we were there Christian really seemed to enjoy. 

Hope you're enjoying your summer as much as we are.

Love, the Baksas

on the boardwalk

looking out to the ocean

wondering about this whole sand stuff

every time the water would rush up, he would sigh really loud
(probably like, "oh thank goodness, this weather is ridiculous")

it was a good day. 

5 Month Pictures

so late, but worth the wait

tell me this is not the cutest picture you have ever seen? 

rockin some seriously tan legs
this face cracks me up

 so sweet

see my tiny teeth?!

really concentrating

 one of my personal the ducky lips and big brown eyes

this is how C sucks his thumb all the time, always pushed to one side
taking care of business on his blackberry

So behind

Today as I wrote a check, I had to check the calendar to see what day it was.  Seriously?! Christian will be six months old in 2 days.

SIX MONTHS OLD.  Doesn't even  make any sense.  How has it been that long? How is he so big? How, why, how? :) 
all dressed and ready for church...

There is so much I have not posted, so I figured I better get it up here, before I look up and the little man is a year old.  You may have to pick me up off the floor.  I already miss the squishy little newborn he once was...  (sigh)

 check him out...holding his bottle!

Our little Christian is doing so much you just won't believe.  A milestone update is in order:
  • We have teeth! Two little bottom teeth.  They are adorable and sharp.  Don't say you weren't warned.  
  • We can sit up! Last Thursday I put Christian in the sitting position, braced to catch him and he did not fall.  For a full 5 minutes.  He's almost a pro now. 
  • Solids.  Christians first food was Sweet Potatoes (his Papas favorite) followed by bananas(yum, he says), then green beans (better than tolerable he concludes), followed by apples (that he only really likes with cinammon), then prunes ( odd as that is), then peaches (which he hated so much he gagged and then gave me a dirty look), and peas (which were barely tolerable).  Next up we try avocado! *I will update here later with my baby food making adventures*
  • We aren't quite crawling yet, but we are rocking back and forth on our hands and knees...very promising.  I am in the process of baby proofing as we speak.  I want to be ready for it, when I come back in the living room and he's on the other side of the room.  
 seriously prunes mom?

We have had such a wonderful time this past month with our little guy.  He's smiling all the time, babbling like crazy, and squealing like a baby terydactal (his new nickname...seriously his screeching is intense...straight out of  Jurassic Park)

he is obsessed with solo cups

All our love,

Wednesday, July 14

Happy Anniversary to Us!

  (The almost-Baksas on Tybee Island the weekend before our wedding)

This Monday, July 12th, Christopher and I have been married for 2 years! It has been a great 2 years.

Here's to another year of fireworks! 
(haha- had to bust out some cheesy-ness..I mean come on, I had the pic, with the firework right there, it was asking for it.  but seriously, its great to be married to my best friend.)

Love u cjb

Tuesday, July 13

Ooooookllllahoma! Where the wind..... hold so many of my loved ones, I can't help but love you.

This trip was not unlike my last Okie trip, such a good time. 

Emma, Jett and Christian
we had so much fun with them

Christian loves his Auntie Em

Oh how big my little Evan has gotten :(

The Myers Family

Jett flying high

Christians first time in the pool...
...ehh I somehow packed him 2 different suits and none for myself :)

My baby boy before his much needed haircut

And right after...

Meeting Great Grandma Jefferson

Spending some time with cousin Dacia

And Christians favorite person...Papa Gibson
Seriously people anytime Christian saw my dad he would start screeching and laughing, 
dad didn't even have to look at him! So funny. 
Here they are in their matching hats...

Look at that smile.

And because Mimi managed to avoid being in any pictures....
I had to hunt down an old one. Christian had tons of fun with Mimi...
he really enjoyed meeting all her coworkers and pulling her hair :)

Colorado we miss you

We had such a good time in Colorado.  We saw all our friends and family and it was pretty much the best time ever.  Thank you everyone!  Christian gave it two thumbs up.

The Baksas at the Capitol

Chris on our date day to the mountains.  Thank you Grandma for taking care of the little guy so we could get out together for the day! It was a wonderful day.

Downtown Denver

We had our date day lunch at the Stanley was all creepy and Shining like...
well not really but maybe at night...?

There was lots of hugging on Darcie and Maureen- we love you girls! 
Christian did too.

There was a lot of sock monkey jam sessions going on.  
*this awesome sock monkey courtesy of Lynsay Mac, and is Christians new favorite toy

Christian's first trip to the zoo. 
He has a special place in his heart for the monkeys.  

Little family photo at the Denver Zoo

Christian got lots of Grandma time in! He sure does miss her.

Drinks with DC, Lynsay, Mike and Illana- so much fun
It isn't fair we don't get to hang with these guys more often

Our smart girl graduates from PA school!

Chris, Christian, Penelope & Mike
I love how the kiddos are both staring at their dads

Where Christian gets his hair...he loved chillin on the couch with his Unc Pat

You have to be this tall to be a Polar Bear...

And a blast from the recent past,
We missed you Grandpa! Come see us soon.

Friday, July 9

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!

Mimi turns 39 (again! ha ha) on Saturday, and Christian just wanted to say how much he LOVES her!

Mimi we hope you have a wonderful birthday! We wish we were there with you....and can't wait to see you in September! Book those tickets already!

And here is your present from Christian....some new pics!

All our love,