Tuesday, November 10

Oh today

I am feeling antsy today.

Not sure why. Not sure if its this whole "nesting"thing they speak of. That just seems to be the extreme desire to prepare and decorate (my own personal def.) and I am pretty sure I have that all the time. Pregnant or not.

Today is different though. I feel like I really need to just be cleaning my house. Like mopping the floors and organizing. It was torture coming to work today as all I could think about was going through every drawer in the house and throwing stuff away. Its crazy I tell ya.

I got the bedding last night. Its beautiful bedding. Very soft, very cute. Very bluey green? I don't know. Chris is not thrilled with the shade of bluey green and to be honest its not the exact color of the walls, but then again, I have searched EVERYWHERE and I just don't know if I can bare to begin looking again. I am going to trouble shoot it tonight and tomorrow and figure out if I can add orange ribbon and maybe who knows what else to make it work more with our decor. It really is beautiful bedding and I love it on its own, just got to find a way to incorporate it into the room more. (I'll post pictures once I decide what I'm going to do)

In other news we need a baby name. Well we think we may have one. We like Christian. Or Cristian. We are leaning towards the latter spelling. I just don't know. What do you all in the blogsphere think?

Cristian Bishop Baksa? You like?

Bishop we pulled outta no where and we love it. I just don't know what to name this little guy. Part of me can see myself calling him Cristian. My cute little Cristian. Spelling it without the "h" makes it a little different and hopefully cuts down on people calling him Chris. (no offense but Chris and I don't want to call him Chris, otherwise well we'd just call him Chris..)

Oh here's how I kept my sanity at work today. I did a little "planning" err shopping for things I have been wanting to check off my list.

I so want this:

Its a boppy cover. Its minky black on the back and this damask print on the front. I didn't buy it, but so want to. I'm going to wait until after my showers are over and see if I get my boppy and a cover. Its on Etsy.com if anyone is looking to pretty much make me the happiest girl (ha) out there...hint hint... http://www.etsy.com/shop/mollyannemake


Its a diaper wipes case. I think it will look great in my diaper bag. And for $7 bucks!


This is an awesome burp cloth with black minky material on one side and damask on the front. Its $8. I have been looking for one that I can buy so I have something I can replicate :) Or attempt to. I think this would be the official diaper bag burp cloth as well.

I figure $15 isn't too bad for some much needed fun in my day :)

All my love,


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