Wednesday, September 22

So Much News

Hello all! Long time since I've updated here.  Christian is moving and growing so much each day, I can barely keep up with him, let alone this blog, but I will try.

What can our little guy do now? CRAWL.  Quickly.
The never ending battle to play in the dogs water bowl

My parents came to visit two weeks ago, and they just couldn't help coaxing Christian to crawl.  My mom put a bracelet of hers on the floor and there you go, he's off and crawling.  First day they arrived.

To say they were pleased with themselves is an understatement.  Giddy about covers it.
Obsessed with the tv

And so he is everywhere.  I can hardly remember the days of laying him in the floor to play and dashing upstairs to get the laundry.  Those days are gone people.  I have baby proofed like no bodies business ( I pretty much bought everything a month before he started crawling, so we'd be know me, I had a list) and yet he is still finding new things daily.

Chris was off at a bachelor party last weekend, but this weekend he is in store for some serious baby proofing, starting with the ridiculous amount of cords surrounding his computer in the office.  Christian is presently trying to climb onto his tower as we speak....
New music table from Mimi & Papa

Also in new news, a few weeks ago I got an email about blogging for a website.  The editor had seen Oh Baby! and liked it, so we will see...

Love, Nic

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