Tuesday, February 14

Valentines Day

I love Valentines Day.  In fact it is my favorite holiday.  Mostly because I've always been a hopeless romantic and cannot get enough of the sappiest romantic movies like Sleepless in Seattle, and An Affair to Remember, but for another reason as well.  I know everyone says that its a "Hallmark" holiday and no one needs to be reminded to tell their loved ones they love them, but don't we? Don't we need reminders to show the ones we love how much they mean to us?  I know I do.  And probably more than once a year :) 

Life being as busy as it is, I know I get caught up in my day to day of diapers, bills, grocery shopping ect. and may forget to tell the people in my life just how much I love them (I love you!), and this is coming from the hopeless romantic.  I'd say I'm ahead of the curve when it comes to professions of love. 

This year I made a little dry erase board out of a frame that Chris and I can write little notes back and forth on.  Serious or just funny, something to keep us connected during the week when we feel like we've only talked about potty training and sippy cups.  So far it has proven to be a lot of fun.  He writes notes in the morning when I'm still in bed (most likely with Christian's leg across my body or his arm on my face) and I try and think up something clever to write during the day (when someones not screaming demands for juice at me).  Its not an everyday thing, but just having that little reminder there helps keep us remembering to share just why we love each other.  It's amazing how you can be surprised by someone when you have known them for over ten years (but you can, go find out!)

V day is just a yearly reminder to show the ones we love that we will take some time out of our crazy lives and tell them we love them.  Whether that be flowers, or cards, or just making time for a fun date.  Things will always be commercialized, its the American way, (ask me-- I got asked at least three times to buy "special" baby photos of my newborn at the hospital for only $300, because we'd never have this special moment again! and we needed a CD! of 1 photo! to capture this moment...its really not fair to ask women who may or may not still be feeling the affects of prescription drugs + crazy hormone changes any questions involving money) but if we can look past that and see the meaning I think we can embrace Valentines Day for what it really is. 

A good reminder. 

Sending out my love to you,

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