Saturday, February 27


Hey there friends and family. We've been without the Internet for some time now...and barely noticed! Must be the tiny 9 pound person ruling our lives. :) Shhhh...don't laugh to loud...he's sleeping right now and if he hears me updating the blog he's going to wake up and demand something :) Which brings me to the point of how smart are babies? I mean Christian will sleep soundly when its blaring loud at a party of 40 people, but if we are home and its quiet you better not click that computer too loud, or he's UP, looking around, what you guys doing?! Ha ha.

Monday Christian turns ONE MONTH old. I just had to breathe into a bag.

1 MONTH. Where did one month go? How is that possible? honor of his day I am going to post some much delayed pictures here, check back Monday night or Tuesday. I am also going to get the pictures of him in his onesie that has the 0 for (0 months old) and the new one we'll take with the 1 month old onesie. Can't wait to see how much he changes.

But we are off to celebrate Luke's birthday! Christian's first experience with sushi. I hope he sleeps through it :) Next time we'll let him order a roll.

All our love,
the Baksas

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