Monday, February 8

You asked for them....

Here are some pictures of the baby! I know you've been asking for them and you know its not like we are doing anything around really all is well, we are getting lots of help from the parents and taking care of the little guy.
We are absolutely in love.

How cute is this face he's making? This is his favorite position to sit.

Have you seen a cuter face?

He loves his daddy.

We had to pose him a little :)

It's going to be a little while before he uses the tray on his swing huh? :)

Christian on the way home from the hospital.

Christian in his coming home outfit.

Hanging out at the hospital with his mama.

Goodnight everyone!


  1. Is that arm hair I see?? That child has more hair than I had even after puberty! :)

  2. I love our nephew!!! He's so adorable!!! We love you Baksa's.

  3. He is so cute and adorable. Everyone at the Bank says he looks just like his mommy except he has daddy's chin. He has changed so much since I saw him at the hospital. Can't wait to see you all again soon!!