Tuesday, June 15

Even Evan

We are in OKC visiting my sister (we officially adopted each other as siblings in the 5th grade:) and my little nephew Evan,, who in fact is not very little anymore (7 years old! eek), was at the mall with me today when he spoke my very thoughts..almost. 

I have it in my head that Christian should be a baby Gap model.  He is adorable and photogenic, so done deal right? We'll see what Gap thinks.  Anyways, I have always said that next time the baby Gap model search comes to a city near me I am taking my little guy.  He already owns half their clothes, so its not a stretch. 

Well as we are in the mall today, Emily, Jett, Evan, Christian and myself, we stroll back to the GAP kids section when Evan announces loudly,

"Those babies look just like baby Christian! The one on the right, in the middle and the one on the left."

I turned to look for what he was talking about and asked him, "which ones?"

"Those ones, the girls!" as he points to the billboard of three baby girls with dark curly hair. 

It seems I'm not the only one that thinks he looks like a model...here's to hoping they want him to model the BOYS clothes :)

I'm thinking the new haircut is going to cut down on all this doubt of my baby being a boy....I know, I know...he's pretty enough to be a girl!

Love you Evan...never a dull moment

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