Sunday, October 23


Saturday morning we pack up what we hope are enough snacks to keep Christian in a candy coma and head to the Ford Dealership.  I always told myself I wasn't going to bribe my kids with candy and blah blah, but really...sometimes you just gotta get stuff done.  And if that something involves both parents and there is no babysitter in sight, well then you better bring candy.  Chris asked me the other day if life with a 20-month old wasn't just a series of bribes and negotiations.  Yes.  After this I think we should run for office. 

So we get the the dealership and all is good, so far. I've managed to push the oranges first, you know, natures candy, so we can save the Dum Dums as backups.  Nothing can really make you understand how your life will change with kids until you have them, and look back on before they showed up and rocked your world. 

Car shopping at 24 years old:
Chris: I want a new car. 
Nicole: Great! Which one?
Chris: Maybe a truck? I don't know, lets go to some dealerships and look around tomorrow.
We then went to said dealerships, looked around, talked to salespeople and bought a car.  The end.

Car shopping at 30 years old:
Chris: Soooo this Jetta isn't exactly roomy anymore is it...Ouch! (as knees slam into dashboard)
Nicole: (trying to get this 28 week pregnant belly around the steering wheel in my lap) Well, yah, it sucks. 
Chris: Lets go look at some new cars tomorrow.

We then pack above mentioned candy, Christians car seat, the new babies car seat, sippy cups, wait and time it just right so C (Christian, not Chris...he wishes) can nap on the way, start looking at the Ford Explorer, STOP-Christian is trying to run into the street, check out the features, STOP-Christian pushes the "push to start" button and kills the car, turn car back on, look some more, get both car seats out of truck, strap them both in, move them in different configurations, STOP- who has Christian? Oh thanks sales guy, drive car around, STOP-where are the suckers! We need suckers!, go inside for the dreaded long negotiation talk, STOP-chase Christian who has found more suckers at someones desk...and is eating 2, Chris distracts the sales guy while I secretly kick about 30 marshmallows under his desk (dumped there by Christian who was at the point where not even mini marshmallows can make it okay....translation: the point of no return), and then we flee, err leave.  

I guess we will be continuing that fun trip on Monday. 

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