Monday, October 10

We've Been Sick

This weekend we all caught something :(
Christian got it Thursday and had it the worst for sure.  Poor little guy.  We had to cancel plans to go out on our Date Night Thursday, and by Friday morning we were at the doctors getting medicine for him.  Christian decided to share his illness and by Friday I started feeling bad.  Chris came home early Friday to help take care of us.  Saturday I had a wedding planning meeting so I had to work some during the day while still trying to take care of the little guy, and by Sunday Chris' immune system gave in and he was full blown sick.  I managed to get away with being the least sick, which was nice for unborn baby baksa, since I can't take anything...but I did feel really bad for my boys (and the carpet...oh the carpet.).  I apparently overdid it Sunday with the cleaning and caretaking because I woke up with a nice sore throat this morning and Chris was still not better.  We rested all day and watched a bunch of movies and I'd say we are officially on the mend.  Christian only has a faint cough and once I made myself sit down I really started feeling better.  Chris is headed back to work tomorrow, so I'd say we made it through this bout of illness.  Thank goodness. I was wanting to call my mom to come take of me there for a little while! Never to old for that :)

Love, Coley

I'll update some pictures of the house decorating and we are picking paint colors this week for the babies room, so more info on that. 

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