Thursday, December 15

Gibson Baksa Countdown: 20 Days or Less

We can't believe in less than three weeks Christian will be a big brother and we will be the parents to two beautiful boys.  With Christmas so close we are trying to get all our preparations done so we can enjoy the holidays.  Here's how's its coming...still to do before December 25th....

The start of the chaise couch cover...
  • Shampoo carpets- no worries Chris is going to take care of this one! :) I'm going to distract Christian so he can work without stopping.  Wonder which one of us will be more tired? :)
  • Set up Pack-n-play/ Baby Swing- so crazy we are going to have these back out! Seems like forever ago Christian was in the baby swing
  • Clean out a few cabinets in the kitchen- this is where the crazy nesting everything must be organized and clean comes in :)
  • Get two rugs cleaned
  • Hem curtains in office- We have hung curtains in the office to make a little privacy for the guest room we have set up in there and they are crazy long, so I probably need to get on that before C rips them down.  
  • Finish a few projects in our bedroom- Again these are so not necessary for baby Gibson to enter the world but my pregnant brain will not let them go.  I keep telling myself when will I have time to do these things after I have two kids!? When they are 2 and 4? Yeah I'm thinking that staying on top of the normal things like laundry and cooking is going to be enough of a problem  in the beginning. 
  • Give the laundry room a good cleaning
  • Buy 3 more Christmas presents and mail boxes off- then I'm done!
  • Look at all the presents I've wrapped!
  • Buy a few more baby supplies- I know as crazy as I've been about getting everything I will still have to get a few things after the baby comes, but I'm determined to get that list down to a minimum so I can just hang out at home and enjoy my family.  I still need Mylcon (which apparently I can only get at CVS), a white pillow for the chaise, a blue rug for the babies room (think I found one online), and some nightgowns to wear in the hospital.  
  • Finish baby room projects- finish painting wall letters, paint art I drew, complete chaise cover, hang wall birds and birdcages, paint bulletin board, wash and organize the baby clothes, diapers and blankets
  • Pack hospital bag/Clean diaper bag(crossing fingers I get a new one for Christmas) 

Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag- Isn't it Ahhhmazing?

We can do it right?! 
Love, Nicole

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