Thursday, December 15

Just Window Shopping

I'm seriously not buying anything else (that I don't really need) for this baby boy can't hurt to look right?  How cute are the following items I totally do not need?

Oh I need to post the pictures of the ADORABLE outfits (and blankets and burp cloths!) my amazing Mother In Law sent for the baby this week.  Nordstrom has the the cutest outfits and these were seriously adorable! Thank you Myriam!

And now for the window shopping...

Tell me these are NOT the cutest things you've ever seen? From the Land of Nod they are actually called, "Kickin It Old School Tube Socks"  so in love.  But at $30 for 4 pair Chris may take my credit card back if I dare.

Bath spout cover by Skip Hop.  This is also from The Land of Nod (love that place) for $13 and it helps protect little people from banging their heads or hurting themselves on the bath spout in the tub.  Since we've had no problems so far I can't see buying this but is it not so cute? And its the perfect color for their bathroom.  Who knows maybe that tub will get crazy with two and I really need this? Ha ha

Oh my these are the cutest things ever.  Since baby boy is coming in winter (although it is a Savannah winter...but whatever) I have been drooling over these little baby booties.  Found them at Zappos for $50.  Oh what a deal...okay so not really.  I told you we are window shopping! You don't have to be sensible in window shopping.  I love these though.  Would keep little guys feet so warm.

This is a carseat cover to keep the little guy snug.  How cute is it? I actually got to touch it at Babies R Us and its so soft.  I was remembering how little Christian kicked off his blanket in the carseat oh all the time and how awesome this would be.

And last but not least....

This is the Nap Nanny.  I wanted one of these with Christian too. I didn't get one because they are around a $100 dollars but I hear they are awesome.  Its one of those things that you read about on Top 10 baby lists but don't know anyone who has one.  I like that they keep baby elevated and have a strap so I can make sure little guy doesn't go anywhere.  You can use them in your bed (no worries you'll roll over on them) or around the house.  Just love it.  Chris gave me that look like, um why are you even looking at that? Ugh boys....ha ha.

That's it folks! The end of my things I don't need need but really think I need in my mind :) Its the nesting I swear...

Love, Nicole

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