Thursday, April 5

The Boys "Need" These

Oh I love these little backpacks! I want the monkey for Christian (I call him my little monkey...just like my mom called me when I was little :) And I think the penguin would be adorable for Gibson.

Now that I've (finally!) been able to take the boys to the gym I wanted to get them little gym bags.  Christian takes a snack and sippy cup in with him and this little backpack would be perfect.  Even the pocket in the front is insulated so it would keep things cool. Which is perfect for Gibson's bottle...

I'm going to have to get these because they are just too adorable :) Plus wouldn't they be perfect for when we travel?

 Love, Nicole

1 comment:

  1. I purchased the frog backpack for my nephew for Christmas last year and it was the cutest thing! The backpacks are much smaller than regular backpacks and I originally thought about the lunch bags but they are super small. I'm sure these will be perfect for your little guys and yes, they are way cute!