Sunday, April 1

How To: Spring Wreath

I wanted to brighten up the front door a bit, and since I had so much fun making my St. Patrick's Day Wreath I thought I'd come up with something for spring/Easter.   It was a super quick project (once the babies were in bed that is..:) Without them it took maybe 30 minutes.  First you start with a straw wreath form.  Found mine at Micheal's for $8.  
I left it in the plastic and covered it with wide white satin ribbon.  I used white yarn for my last wreath but honestly that takes forever.  The yarn looks great too, but was really time consuming.  So I really suggest wide ribbon if you are short on time.  I hot glued the ribbon on, then got out the felt.  
 I also got the felt from Michael's,  and thought with this wreath I'd stick to pinks and greens.  (I have two boys, a husband and a boy dog...I've got to get my pink in where I can!)  The felt is around 40 cents a sheet.  Take your felt and cut a wavy pattern into a long strip. Like this:
  Then you roll it up into a little felt flower. 
Vary the "waves" you cut in the felt to make your flowers a little different.  Use hot glue to close them and then glue them to your wreath.  Add a few little pom poms and cut out a few leaves and you get this:
To finish up just tie a bow and hang it from some ribbon and your done!
Quick & cute!
Happy Easter!
love, Nicole

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  1. That's beautiful!! Are you on Pinterest? You need to pin this!