Sunday, February 10

Christian Update

Our little Christian turned three last month.  He is such a big boy.  In to everything, talking non stop, theatrical, opinionated, picky (when it comes to food), LOUD, loving, funny and so kindhearted. 

He has picked up a lot of phrases the last few weeks and has us cracking up.  He really mirrors our behavior and doesn't miss a thing.  He told Gibson the other day when he was crying, "Don't worry Gibson, Daddy will be home in 2 minutes." I don't know where he comes up with these things.  :) He also tells me, "I play for just 2 more minutes mommy" whenever I am trying to get him to get to bed.  Apparently I give a lot of 2 minute warnings around here. 

I was bringing in the groceries last week and Christian asked me for the keys to go unlock the door.  I figured he couldn't do much harm so I let him, and next thing I know the door is open.  I had him do it again when I was watching, thinking maybe I left it unlocked or something.  Um no- he can unlock the door! His new skills include putting on his own velcro strap shoes, climb into his new big boy car seat, going to the potty all by himself, opening the gates on the stairs and cleaning up his toys.  He is really good at cleaning up, he keeps all the same toys grouped together and everything. 

He had his first slumber party for his third birthday.  Instead of doing a big party at the house, we had two friends go bowling (Kylin and Ben) and then back to our house for movies and popcorn. I was a little worried but they were all so good. Playing together and watching 101 Dalmatians.

C is obsessed with school buses, pancakes (a new love), his new running shoes ( just like daddy's), trains, "helping", and Mickey Mouse.

Speaking of Mickey, last week he told me that he was Mickey Mouse. I responded with the appropriate amount of excitement, and he then when on to tell me that Gibson was Donald, because sometimes he is naughty, I am Daisy and Angelo is Pluto. I told him that Minnie was my favorite and he yells at mr, "NO MAMA, you are Daisy, Kylin is Minnie!" We'll then- it begins :) ha ha! The best part is when I asked him who Daddy was. He gets this HUGE smile on his face and says, "Oh Daddy?! He's Goofy because he's so silly!" Chris got a kick out of that one.

Everyday brings something new with this little guy. We are so lucky to have him.

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