Wednesday, February 6

Update: Gibson Michael

It is February 2013.  Our baby is ONE!

I can not make sense of either of those statements, so on with the updating. 

A few quick things to get you up to speed on the littlest Baksa boy:
  • He is running everywhere.  Everywhere! Mostly away from us with the remote/cell phone/fillinanyotherelectronichere.  He walked at 10 months, was really moving by 11 and at 12 and 13 you do have to put forth a little effort to catch him.  %
  • He isn't saying too much, mostly because Christian is saying A LOT (more on him in his update later) but he does use the following often: Mama, Daddee, & Thank you.  How cute is that? I have the most polite one year old ever born (err, besides the biting).  I handed him his cup the other day and he says, "Thank You." I thought maybe I imagined it-it was six something in the morning-very possible, but all day when I fed him or picked him up he would squeak out, "thank you" in that cute little voice.  Just when I think I couldn't love him any more...
  •  He bites.  Me.  Only me.  I don't know if he's getting back at me for something or what, but he bites me and then laughs all the time.  Not Chris, thankfully not Christian, but man he gets me.  I have the marks to prove it.  
  • He is our short tall baby.  Let me clarify.  Per the doctor Gibson is tall.  Like taller than 97% of children his age.  In our house he's short.  Christian was several (like 3.5inches) taller than Gibson at this age.  (Which makes Christian pretty much the tallest child his age (said Dr.Stone) ha!) Gibson seems so tiny to us as he runs around the house.  I have to roll up all his pants (he also walked two months sooner, so didn't have this pants dragging problem with C) and he can't wear a bunch of the stuff C was already in at this point.  If he doesn't start to catch him a little bit soon, I'm going to have to buy summer clothes...
  • He's a great eater! Yeah! We could not be happier about this.  He eats way more than Christian eats now and likes chicken and seafood.  He will eat a little beef, but not his favorite.  He loves the funniest things I can't imagine feeding Christian.  Like Chili.  Loves Chili! And lasagna?! What? Potato soup is good with him too.
  • His personality is really coming out and he's so funny.  He fights with Christian already, which is nuts and wins.  He will yank a toy from him and then scream as loud as he can in protest if Christian tries to resist.  Its more than comical to watch, but Christian is not amused.  I am now officially the referee.  Yah!.  
  • Gibson loves to dance.  You must see him dance.  I will try and get a video.  
  • He is such a loving little guy.  Hugs all the time.  He now responds to asking for kisses and will plant a wet one on ya.  He hears everything and when Christian says he has to go potty, Gibson races to the bathroom.  He can take his own diaper to the trash and heads to his high chair if we say, lunch, breakfast or dinner.  Such a smart little guy.  I forget he knows what we are saying sometimes because he doesn't speak as much, but he reminds me often.  I told Chris I was leaving in a few minutes and Gibson went to the door and shook his head "no" over and over and then started crying.  
  • I have a ton of funny stories of this little guy.  He has only been in our lives one short year, but has made such an impact on us.  He brightens every day with his dimply smile and big brown eyes.  And that hair, that BROWN hair?!? I would never have guessed that one.  We are so lucky to be his parents.  
He has a temper this one.

"helping" Mommy feel better

Like I said, he enjoys running away. Especially after diaper changes.

So cute.

Wish Daddy at Christians bowling party.

At the park enjoying the view. 

Always in motion.

Chewing on his Grover baby from his Aunt and Uncle.

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