Wednesday, September 30

Already handsome just like Dad...

Click the images to see our little guy up close. Pic 1 is the babies foot, Pic 2 is our little guy waving :), Pic 3 is a profile shot, those are the ribs you can see, Pic 4 is our baby boy proof, Pic 5 is two shots of him with his arms behind his head, Pic 6 he's playing peek a boo, Pic 7 is a mystery to me :) I think its his stomach...and Pic 8 is another great profile shot.

He moved all around when he was having his picture taken. He was so cute :)

We are already in love...


  1. Oh Nicole!!! I'm so happy for you! He is as cute as a button!

  2. I totally just cried. Love you guys!