Sunday, September 13

Almost Birthday Time

It's not officially here yet, but I have already had such a great birthday.

Friday I was greeted by a package from the Baksas! It contained a beautiful necklace and bracelet set (silver & turquoise) and money to buy a purse from Myriam! I loved the jewelry and I went right out and found the perfect purse. I couldn't find the green one I had posted here earlier, but I found a powder blue purse in super soft leather that I love.

I can actually fine my keys now...thanks Myriam! My MIL is the best.
Patrick sent me a beautiful scarf, a CU t-shirt (now I have one that fits!) and the best gum ever. Lots of it. Thanks Pat!

On Saturday another little package showed up from my parents and Christopher. Here's Kylin taking it for a test drive.

She agrees pink was the way to go.

Speaking of the Nortons, our favorite family away from home brought over some amazing treats for my birthday. Brownies, a new board game, nail polish and coupons for all kinds of fun stuff!

So the birthday is not even here yet and its already been amazing thanks to my family and friends. Monday after work we are going to eat Mellow Mushroom with a bunch of friends and in two weeks we are headed on a baby shopping trip to Jacksonville.

28 is going to be a good year...

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