Tuesday, May 25

Our first family trip (and random pictures)

We are packing and getting everything ready for our first family trip!
 Christian in his Pumas Chris bought him

Tomorrow we will be flying (eek!) to Colorado to visit family and friends, for almost 2 whole weeks!  Then we will say goodbye to Daddy and Christian and I will fly to Oklahoma where I will get to spend another two weeks catching up with friends and family.

 Christians face when he thought he was going to have to wear shoes everyday :)
-don't worry, we were just trying them on-

We are very excited (me=nervous) to fly with Christian and have him meet some of our friends and family he hasn't met yet.
What happened when we took the paci out

I'll be sure to post pictures of him flying for the first time and keep you all updated. 

Lots of love,

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