Monday, May 3

3 Months Old

This past Saturday Christian turned 3 Months old! He is getting to be quite the big (little) guy. So far he's got a pretty good hold on his head...still bobbing around a bit though. He's sleeping through the night in his crib, eating every 3 to 4 hours (SINCE SATURDAY! THANK GOODNESS! can you tell the every 2 hours was killing me?!), he can grasp objects, lift his head up when he's on his tummy, and coos and smiles and laughs at us. Grandparents you won't believe this is the same baby you saw just three months ago, he's changed so much.

I love this one, he looks like a little doll.
Christian makes these ducky lips all the time. Cracks us up.

Here's one for perspective. Everyone always thinks by the pictures he's the size of a 6 month old. Its the hair, throws everyone off. In person people are always asking me if he's tiny for his age because they think with all that hair he must be 6 months old. No people, he's a big 3 month old and yes, he does have tons of hair. I think I say that at least 5 times a day :)
Christian just figured out how to get his fingers in his mouth and he's loving it.
There I am hiding in the background :) He decided no more pictures unless he was sitting in my lap.
He always gets serious on me when the camera comes out. I have to try and distract him, otherwise he just stares at it like, what is that thing?, the entire time.

Its been a great 3 months.

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