Saturday, May 15

Bad Dog to a Good Home

Anyone need an Angelo? (oh he looks so innocent there doesn't he?)
After months of quiet hatred he has began his revolt against Christian...

Exhibit A:  This was Christians favorite monkey, his Grandma Baksa bought it for him for Christmas.  He loved to lick him and swing him around.  Here's what he looked like after Angelo had a little fun with him.

So...I had to go online and find another one, and bought two just in case...

Since this "incident" Angelo has also destroyed a pacifier, and a few toys have been moved around, but no missing eyes since Monkeys attack.  I don't know what we are going to do with that dog!  I think he knows its too hot in Georgia for him to live outside, and we've loaned all his cages out... Maybe he's hoping we'll keep him and get rid of the kid, since he's less work?

If you see him on your doorstep, feel free to let him in and and just start taking care of him :) 



  1. Aw, poor doggie. Do you let him play with your baby? We have 2 goldens and and a cat. The dogs are great with our 5 month old, but the cat had his jealous moments and we almost gave him away: he peed on (ruined) his carseat, #2'ed on my favorite fleece blanket and peed on MY SIDE of our bed. Obviously he was trying to tell ME something... darn pets...

  2. haha! He doesn't really play with Angelo yet, but I think soon he will. That's too funny about the cat!