Tuesday, July 13

Colorado we miss you

We had such a good time in Colorado.  We saw all our friends and family and it was pretty much the best time ever.  Thank you everyone!  Christian gave it two thumbs up.

The Baksas at the Capitol

Chris on our date day to the mountains.  Thank you Grandma for taking care of the little guy so we could get out together for the day! It was a wonderful day.

Downtown Denver

We had our date day lunch at the Stanley Hotel...it was all creepy and Shining like...
well not really but maybe at night...?

There was lots of hugging on Darcie and Maureen- we love you girls! 
Christian did too.

There was a lot of sock monkey jam sessions going on.  
*this awesome sock monkey courtesy of Lynsay Mac, and is Christians new favorite toy

Christian's first trip to the zoo. 
He has a special place in his heart for the monkeys.  

Little family photo at the Denver Zoo

Christian got lots of Grandma time in! He sure does miss her.

Drinks with DC, Lynsay, Mike and Illana- so much fun
It isn't fair we don't get to hang with these guys more often

Our smart girl graduates from PA school!

Chris, Christian, Penelope & Mike
I love how the kiddos are both staring at their dads

Where Christian gets his hair...he loved chillin on the couch with his Unc Pat

You have to be this tall to be a Polar Bear...

And a blast from the recent past,
We missed you Grandpa! Come see us soon.

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