Tuesday, July 13

Ooooookllllahoma! Where the wind.....

Oklahoma...you hold so many of my loved ones, I can't help but love you.

This trip was not unlike my last Okie trip, such a good time. 

Emma, Jett and Christian
we had so much fun with them

Christian loves his Auntie Em

Oh how big my little Evan has gotten :(

The Myers Family

Jett flying high

Christians first time in the pool...
...ehh I somehow packed him 2 different suits and none for myself :)

My baby boy before his much needed haircut

And right after...

Meeting Great Grandma Jefferson

Spending some time with cousin Dacia

And Christians favorite person...Papa Gibson
Seriously people anytime Christian saw my dad he would start screeching and laughing, 
dad didn't even have to look at him! So funny. 
Here they are in their matching hats...

Look at that smile.

And because Mimi managed to avoid being in any pictures....
I had to hunt down an old one. Christian had tons of fun with Mimi...
he really enjoyed meeting all her coworkers and pulling her hair :)

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