Wednesday, May 11

Grandpa Baksas Visit

Did I forget to put these up? I think I did.

This is when Grandpa Mike came to visit, we had such a good time.  First we celebrated St. Pat's Day downtown.  Mike's hair was a big hit.  We sprayed Chris' too but it didn't show up as bright as Mikes ;) We had a really good time.  We met up with our friends Timmy & Alicia who always do a big gathering with lots of food.  It was nice to have Mike with us this year. 

3 Generations of Baksa men

Our little family

Had to put this one on so you could get a good look at that hair!

Christian had a great time walking around with Grandpa

Alicia and I

Watching the parade with Grandpa

C had so much fun

Then he was out.  Everyone kept walking by saying how they wished they could sleep like that.

We took this photo 20 times, and this the only one where you can see them!

Off to the beach

He had such a good time
Yumm drinks at lunch

Kisses for Grandpa.  So sweet.

As you can see Christian really liked have his Grandpa around.  A lot. 


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