Thursday, March 15

So as not to forget

Gibson is too funny. As we head into month two with our little guy, his personality is really showing up.

He loves the nose sucker thing. What is it called ??? A nasal aspirator? Did I just make that up? The blue thing in the picture :) Every time we use it he laughs and coos. He thinks it's the best. I couldn't get anywhere near C with that thing. I thought it was a fluke, but since he caught a little cold from Christian last week we have been using it a few times a day. Smiles every. single. time. So funny.

He also likes when I cut his nails. I'm telling you people we may be looking at a completely different personality despite their looks. In fact, Christian came over to see what we were doing because obviously Gibson was having too much fun. He even let me cut a few of his fingernails just to see what the big deal was.

Poor Gibson had to get his two month shots (doesn't get easier to watch them so the Dr said we could give him a little Tylenol if he got a low fever. Well he did, so we gave it to him and you would have thought we were trying to poison him! Gagging, flailing arms, horrible was seriously traumatic. For me. :)

Thrilled about grooming, but no thanks on the meds mom.

Can't wait to learn every little thing about this guy.

Love, Nicole

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