Monday, March 19

Our Little Christian

Christian is the sweetest little boy.  Oh how we love him.  I wanted to share a few stories and sayings of our little man for our family and friends that don't get to see him too often.  He has changed so much since Christmas, you cannot believe.  In fact every day now he says something new.  I feel like we were just excited that he could walk and now he's running and jumping and imitating everything we do.  Since I can't slow it down I figure I better at least write it down otherwise I may not remember what a cool stage he is in right now.

2 Years Old

  • I took Christian on errands with me yesterday and he had to take his new Dora in every time.  The checker at Sam's asked if Dora was his girlfriend.  He starts shaking his hand back and forth, "no! no! Dora Bebe!"  We do not date babies :) haha!
  • Christian is just putting sentences together and its still a little off, but we get the point mostly.  He told me the other day, "Bath. Bath Toys. Daddy. I love you" Which pretty much means, Daddy gives me baths. We play with the bath toys and I love him.  He paused after every word and nodded to me to make sure I understood.  I'm with you buddy..Dad is great.  
  • I dropped the babies pacifier in the dirt while we were headed out one day, and before I could say anything Christian yelled out, "OHH MANNN!" 
  • Christian is really good at saying "please" and "thank you" but for some reason when you ask him to say, "more, please" (two words he knows very well) it must get lost in translation because he says,  It goes like this:                                                                                                                             Chris: Say "More" Christian: "More" Chris: Say "Please" Christian: "Pleazzz" Chris: Now say, "More Please" Christian: "More More!" hahaha 
  • Before bed his routine is to kiss everyone goodnight.  Momma and Daddy and Baby Gibson, Angelo too.  Recently he has added in a few others.  My laptop, the iphone, the tv! He really likes his technology. :)
  • When my dad came to visit this Christmas, one morning he and Christian were playing with dad's hat.  Now every time he sees a picture of my dad he says, "Papa!" and pats his head.  Talk about lasting impression.  It is too funny.  
  • We took Christians Ford F150 out for spin yesterday and it took us forever to get to the end of the block because Christian had to keep stopping, checking his mirrors, adjusting his gauges, and dancing to the music on the radio.  The neighbors were cracking up.  He'd drive for a minute, stop, turn the station, start dancing and then we'd be off again after about a minute of that.  
There are a million more funny things this kid does every day, I'll try to update more frequently so we can all be sure to tease him in the future :)

love, nicole

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