Sunday, August 30

Baby Clothes

Here are some of the very cute clothes and blankets we have gotten so far.
Friends and family have been so nice as to send us stuff, and we picked up a few things ourselves.
We know 5 or 6 newborn babies, so once we find out what we are having I'm sure nothing will go to waste. Of course we did try and stay neutral in the beginning, but now we've thrown all caution to the wind and started buying whatever fun cute stuff we like.
Okay- what I like. Okay, I've been the one buying the baby clothes. I'm getting good deals though.
My mom bought the baby this cute little hoodie.
Love this.

I got this one for Chris. How cute is this?

Chris' mom made this beautiful blanket. Its super soft and we love it.

I won this onesie from a baby website and its so soft. We think it will be perfect for our little bilingual baby :)

Auntie Lindsay bought the baby this one. Its what inspired our color choices for the room if the baby is a boy.

Lyndsay got us this cute baby blanket when she came out to stay this summer! This baby now has 2 Colorado blankets (Chris' mom made us an adorable one) and a Colorado buffs hat just like dad. All you Sooner fans, we need to get into gear or this baby isn't going to have any outfits to wear when the Sooners play.

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