Monday, October 5

Rain Days

Its raining today. If you've never caught a rain storm in Savannah then let me be specific, when it rains in Savannah, it RAINS and RAINS and POURS and goes on forever, and makes giant puddles you can't avoid in the parking lot, and soaks your clothes and shoes, and when its finally done its still black outside because even the sky sulks about the rain here. Its rather traumatizing for all.

I woke up to such a day this morning. After hitting the snooze numerous times, I pulled myself from bed and to the shower. When I got out I looked to see if Angelo was waiting for me like he usually does, but he was still covered up in bed. He's not a big fan of the rain either.

As I slowly got dressed I started thinking, when I lived in Colorado (oh I miss you Colorado) we would have snow days. You'd wake up, glance outside, see a TON of snow, think to yourself...I do not want to go out there, turn the news on, and low and behold...SNOW day. Its like a few extra Christmases thrown in sometime between October and March. Its lovely.

Thing is, in Savannah, they don't do that. I mean you glance outside, see a TON of rain, and you think all the same things, but when you turn on the news, all you are greeted with is this:

No cancellations, just more rain. And after that? Well a little more rain...thanks for asking :)

In fact the only time you do get out of work and school for rain is when a hurricane is coming. And lets be clear, that is not a day where you get to stay home, watch fun movies, maybe go sledding for a while and drink hot chocolate. That is a day where you get to dig through your house for your most prized possessions, grab all the bottled water you can find, possibly brave Wal-Mart for their last can of tuna, pack it all up in your car and then go sit on the highway waiting to get out of town. I hear its not as fun as it sounds.

Wow this rain is making me grumpy...haha. Well back to work, hope you woke up to something far less gloomy.

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