Friday, August 20

Playtime Every Day-Time

Now that Christian is a big 6 months old he is really getting some use out of his toys.  Last week I was at Wal-Mart and I saw those balls that are in ball pits at like Chucky Cheese, and got an idea.  We could make our own ball pit with the pack in play...Christian looks pleased with the results wouldn't you say?

We've been doing lots of bouncing too.  Now that Christian has gotten the hang of it he is bouncing all over the place.  When he gets mad because he can't crawl (which happens maybe six to oh twenty times a day) I put him in the bouncer and all is well. 

Christian really gets around these days.  He scared me to death yesterday.  I put him on his blanket on the floor to play and went to the kitchen to warm a bottle.  When I peeked around the corner to make sure he were still doing okay you were not on the blanket.  I came in the living room and looked around and you were no where to be found! After my heart skipped what seemed like a few thousand beats, there he was..under the coffee table! It took him like ten seconds to get under there.  Which is pretty amazing considering you can only move backwards...

Your other favorite thing to do now is hold on to any edge and stand up.  You can't do this without help, but you LOVE to stand up.  You do really good, but you forget your standing some of the time and that's it your down!

 How cute is this? Christian is so skinny.
 Oh so fun holding on.

Oh there he goes...he noticed the dog (who he just realized was alive the other day) a few seconds he'll be down for the count. 

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