Thursday, August 19

Christian & Daddy

Christian loves his Daddy.  Loves, loves him.  Everyone use to say that Christian looked just like his Mommy, but I think the older he gets the more he looks like his Dad.  What do you think?

 Christian is all shocked...what are you doing taking a picture of me?? Angelo is just happy to be on the couch.

When Chris gets home Christian just lights up.  He usually has a meltdown from 5 to 6pm, and Chris gets home right when its over and the sun comes back out (lucky).  Then its all smiles and laughing when he sees his dad.  Chris is really great with him, throws him around and makes crazy faces at him. He lets Christian grab his nose (which he does All. The. Time) even though it hurts, he walks him around until he falls asleep when his teeth are hurting him, and he gets up at night and puts his paci back in when he cries. 
Christian says he pretty much rocks :)
I agree.

 Now he's wondering if it was Dad's idea to take these pictures :)

 How cute are they?
 Best place to sleep in the house :)
So sweet. I think he looks a lot like Chris in this one.  My nose, but the rest, Chris.

Oh and the best thing about dad? I'd vote for his stellar diaper changing abilities...
Although I'm pretty sure he forgot something...

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