Thursday, August 26

6 Months Old

Well we are almost 7 months, but as long as I get these posted sometime in the right month, that's okay right?
Christian wanted to use a few props for these pictures...his Buff hat and his new Crocs.  How cute are these shoes.  They are perfect for him right now.  I can hose them off, they are rubbery and not heavy on his little feet, and he can chew on them all he wants.  He spent most of this photo shoot trying to get them into his mouth. 

Here's our little guy, can you believe he's 6 months old?

Christian is finally smiling when I take pictures now! He thinks that flash is funny.
How cute are these baby crocs?
What was it that song said about the baby with the curl in the middle of his forehead? When he was good he was really really good but when he was bad he was horrid? hahaha!
Look how tan his legs and arms are? I think they must be sticking out of the stroller on our walks.
"Bring that camera a little bit closer"
I love his dark eyes
Cute goofy boy
Look what I can do! We aren't crawling yet, but we do a lot of this standing up on our toes and rocking back and forth.
Is it just me, or is he seriously adorable?
Working hard on crawling
Demonstrating his skills at getting toys out of the bookcase
I told Chris he's going to be a musician, not a basketball player!
all our love, nicole

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