Wednesday, August 18

We've been busy

Hello all!

Christian has been up to lots the last few weeks.  And that's where we've been.  We have been trying new foods...blackberry apples, mangos, YUM, and working really hard on crawling. 

I'm going to try and put new pictures of Christian up all week (I promise!) so check back daily.  I need to get my act together on here.  The little guy is growing up so fast and I snap shots of him everyday, but then I forget to share them with I'm trying to remedy that.  7 days of pictures! Promise.

Here's some to start it off:

 I told you all the hair was back!!

This is the cute little guy playing in his "pool" in the kitchen.  This is right before I had to put the camera down because someone decided to take that bowl full of water and start dumping it on the floor.....
good times :)

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